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For these reasons, Comilla University is discussed throughout the year

The beginning of the year was very different because of the epidemic Corona virus. Comilla University, the famous green campus of Lalmati, was not popular among the teachers and students. Finally, after 594 days, the physical class started on November 2. However, even though the class is closed, the final test has been taken in several stages. Although the campus was closed, Comilla University was under discussion for various reasons throughout the year. The organization is organized with those discussed issues.

Dream mega-project on the way to implementation
Comilla University has taken the implementation of the dream mega project of the family one step further. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the university administration and the army on March 11 to complete the infrastructural work of the project.

Grief vanished at the sight of the paradise gate
The regret of the university family members was not having a beautiful gate. After 17 years of its establishment, it regained its composure with the commencement of construction work. The army started work on the mega project on March 17 by working on the main gate.

Vice-Chancellor-Treasurer duality
One of the most discussed topics of the year was the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Emran Kabir Chowdhury and Treasurer Professor. Md. Conflict between Asaduzzaman. Speaking as a special guest at a function of the University Officers’ Association on June 20, Treasurer Professor Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman said, “I have not come to tell anyone the story of Hamilton’s flute player, I have come to do justice. Go to the challenge, go, come. You have to go to Dhaka by university car with vegetables, you have to go to Dhaka 2-3 times a week to serve you. You have been given full-time responsibility. You are constantly insulting and humiliating me. I can’t bear to say anything to you. ‘

According to a number of sources close to the university, the use of the treasurer’s car led to a psychological conflict with the vice-chancellor. Treasurer was later seen using a pickup van for a long time. It is also known that there was monogamy between the Vice-Chancellor and the Treasurer on various issues.

Student Innovation Robot Blueberry
One of the positive events of the year was the invention of the robot blueberry by the students of the university. The robot blueberry was created by Sanjeet Mandal, a 10th batch student of the physics department of the university, Jewel Debnath of the 13th batch of the Information and Communication department and Mistu Pal, a student of the same batch of computer science and engineering. ‌The team of these three young technologists ‌‌‍‌ ‘Quanta Robotics’ has worked day and night for three and a half months to build this robot at a cost of around one lakh rupees. The robot was built with funding from the National Academy of Computer Training and Research (NECTAR) and in collaboration with Abu Musa Asari, a former CSE student at Comilla University.

Theft rod of the gate under construction
One of the most criticized incidents of the year was the theft of rods from the main gate under construction. The rods were stolen one day during the Eid holidays between May 8 and 9. The university administration had formed a five-member committee to investigate the incident. However, the teachers and students alleged that the theft was due to lack of security surveillance, indifference of the security personnel, ineffective and inadequate CCTV and negligence of the concerned persons.

Shocking incident to 40 students of Archeology Department
One of the highlights of the year was the protest of 40 students of a batch of archeology department. Writing on social media on September 21, all the students of a batch of archeology department of Comilla University have been given show cause notice for participating in the movement against the department. The notice signed by the department head Muhammad Sohrab Uddin was given to the students. However, when the news of the notice was published, the students of different departments of the university expressed their displeasure. At that time, there was a lot of humor in the notice.

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First Vice-Chancellor after establishment
In the 18 years of its establishment, Comilla University (CUB) as the first vice-chancellor of the Department of Islamic History and Culture of the University of Dhaka. Mohammad Humayun Kabir was appointed on November 4 this year.

Corona’s loss in pet four-month semester
Comilla University administration has taken several steps including taking semester in four months to overcome the loss of students due to Corona epidemic. December 6, the University Registrar (additional responsibility) Professor. This information was given in a circular signed by Abu Taher. The guidelines are that there will be one semester every four months in the light of UGC guidelines, but the duration and credit hours of students will remain unchanged. The departments will reorganize the academic calendar and implement it. Second, the winter and summer vacations mentioned in the 2021 calendar will be reduced. Third, tests will be conducted both physically and online. In the case of the latest final exam, the preparatory leave for the exam will be one week.

The division of Awami Party in the election of teachers’ association
The pro-Awami League teachers again took part in the election of the teachers’ association in separate panels. In the election, the pro-Awami teachers’ organization, believing in Bangabandhu’s ideology and the spirit of liberation war, announced two separate panels of Bangabandhu Parishad. The panel of pro-BNP teachers took part in the election for four posts. Bangabandhu Parishad (Nandi-Julhas part) supported the panel elected president of the Department of Statistics Associate Professor. Dulal Chandra Nandi, General Secretary of the Department of Bengali Associate Professor. Md. Mokaddes-ul-Islam. Kazi Omar Siddiqui, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Education, and Md. Mohammad Ali, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Banking, were elected as the President and General Secretary, respectively, from the panel supported by another part of Bangabandhu Parishad (Mizan-Nasir). Emdadul Haque. However, the full panel of the election as president. Dulal Chandra Nandi and general secretary. Md. Mokaddes-ul-Islam won.

Two students in the return procession
Tanin Mehedi, a 2017-18 academic year student of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of Comilla University, who migrated to the country on July 29 this year after a long battle with cancer. Then on August 10, Abul Hasan, another student of the Anthropology Department for the 2016-17 academic year, died with the Corona symptom. Two deaths stunned the Comilla University family.

The construction work of the two halls has not been completed this year either
In March 2016, a tender was called for the construction work of another student hall of the university. Although he was supposed to finish the work in 18 months, he did not finish the work this year either. In 2016, tender was called for the extended part of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall with a budget of Taka 13 crore 14 lakh. It was given to a contractor named Star Light Service Limited on the condition of completing the work in 15 months. The work has not been completed even after five years.



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