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Fortune-changing Thai restaurant in cryptocurrency

The fate of a Thai restaurant has changed after taking cryptocurrency as its theme. The restaurant, which was once in crisis, is now overcrowded.

All the up-to-date information of cryptocurrency can be found on the monitor arranged on the wall of the restaurant. The restaurant has become a gathering place for crypto currency enthusiasts.

The restaurant was opened in 2013 with beautiful pictures of Sakura trees. However, people used to gather there only on holidays to take pictures with Sakura tree. The other day it would have been empty.

This picture has changed since cryptocurrency was made the theme of the restaurant in 2020. Crowds of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts now flock to the restaurant every day of the week.

Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity in Thailand lately. Interest in this sector is increasing among the youth. HIP Coffee & Restaurant, located in Nakhon Ratchasima, takes this opportunity. Instead of sakura trees, the walls of the restaurant are decorated with large monitor screens. Where is the latest information on buying and selling cryptocurrencies around the world.

Aksharayat Angsakulinda, the manager of the restaurant, said that there are basically three types of customers who come to them. Crypto currency experts come to increase their communication. Those who are new to this business also come. Their purpose is to get acquainted with other investors. Another group came who knew nothing about cryptocurrency. Their purpose is to take selfies.

By investing in cryptocurrency, Apakan Putnak has earned 210,000 dollars in a short time. He is a regular customer of this restaurant.

He said that getting information on all the cryptocurrencies of the world on the monitor at the same time helps a lot in business. When the market fell four or five days ago, we immediately became aware of the matter. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The restaurant is offering free consultancy not only for tea and coffee but also for investing in cryptocurrency. They are even thinking of introducing a new cryptocurrency.

All in all, HIP Coffee & Restaurant has taken advantage of the cryptocurrency’s popularity in Thailand.



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