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From the sidewalks of Portugal to the highways of the football world

Winning an international title for a country is adorable for any player. There are many unknown players who have been able to bring the glory of the international title to the country, have been able to draw a kiss in the gold trophy. Again, the careers of many star players have come to an end as they cry for an international title. The cry for an international title has been seen in footballers like Di Stefano. George Best, Eusebio, and Luis Figo. Cristiano Ronaldo has had that good fortune. He has had the good fortune to win an international title for the country. Even then there was a wailing. The title of The Greatest Show on Earth is still elusive. He tried his best but failed to bring success to the team. He was born in a country like Portugal where his supporters may not expect to win the World Cup. It is a great achievement for them to get a chance in the World Cup.

His path was never smooth. Born into a poor family in Madeira, Panta Furoy to bring salt. Her father wanted to ruin the baby by having an abortion. But because of his mother’s disagreement, CR7 survived the voyage. However, in football, his handcuffs were on his father’s hand. His father always encouraged him. He used to spend the whole day playing football in the streets. At this time, his father admitted him to the FC Andorinho youth team. Since then his whole life has changed. He used to play football all the time but when he would return home at night at the end of the day, he would lose the happiness of seeing his mother’s worried face. Her father tried to encourage other family members, but to no avail. Those who have to work outside all day to get food for their stomachs, in a house where food will not come if they do not work the next day, talking about football is actually a kind of luxury.

But how long? Every day, as long as Ronaldo was on the field, his father would encourage him by standing on the sidelines, and at the end of the day, his mother would come home and encourage his sisters to go and watch the game. Little Ronner once went to watch a game with his mother-sister and his father. That day was different for him. Sitting in the gallery, parents and sisters are clapping and cheering while Cristiano is running with the ball. What could be a sweeter scene than this!

He then joined Sporting CP. From there to United and from United to the world’s best club Real Madrid. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Achievements are based on personal and team success. But despite all this, the imperfection in his career was an international title. Desperate for the title, Leo Messi said that if I could give the team the glory of winning the World Cup in exchange for returning all my Ballon d’Or, that is what I wanted.

The young Ronaldo’s first mission to win an international title was at Euro 2004. Portugal reached the final of the service. The young Ronaldo could not win the team that day. Despite performing well throughout the tournament, Portugal lost in the final, for which the dream of winning an international title for the first time at home was in jeopardy. The young boy was also in pain. A young boy who performed well throughout the tournament and came very close to winning the title for the team but was crying at the last minute. The tears of that boy of that day took away the minds of thousands of football fans. At the same time, the football world got the message of the arrival of a new star.

The next mission was the 2006 World Cup. Relying on Figo, Costa, Deco, Ronaldo, they dream of world victory once again. Portugal lost to England and the Netherlands in the semi-finals, but luckily again. Dream break once again! Once again, Portugal left Zidane’s breathing distance from the final after losing to France. At the same time, the golden generation of Portugal ended with the regret of not winning the title. The burden of the next generation fell on Cristiano’s shoulders. The next story is about her fighting alone. The reason for saying this alone is that no one from the golden generation of Portugal has come to give him dependence. He had to fight with ordinary players. They have not yet received the replacement of Figo, Costa, Deco. One has to fight relying on Ronaldo. Whenever the team is in danger, the whole team looks to his feet. All their hope is that one. But how much more alone! One or two matches can be won by superhuman performance but if you want to win a tournament, you have no option but to perform well as a team. Portugal’s weakness is here.

However, the fight continued. The next mission was 2006 Euro. Portugal lost to Germany but had to bid farewell to the group stage. The same thing happened in the 2010 World Cup in Africa. In the group stage, they lost to Spain in the knockout stage. Spain won by the only goal of David Weir. Portugal would have had the good fortune to leave the field if the opposing goalkeeper Iker Casillas Rudramurti had not been present in that match. In the end, Spain won the World Cup and Cassius became the best goalkeeper in the World Cup.

His team had to burn a lot of wood in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers. Portugal were trailing 2-1 for 60 minutes in a match that would ensure a play-off victory over Northern Ireland. From there he pulled the team and brought the playoff tickets. What did Ronaldo do? He scored 3 goals in 15 minutes and gave the team an incredible 4-2 victory. He scored a pair of goals from the head and one goal from a free kick. He also got the first hat trick of his international career in this match. Ronaldo’s Portugal will face Sweden in the play-offs. Portugal secured the World Cup with 1 goal in the first leg and an unforgettable hat-trick in the second leg. In the first leg, the Portuguese won 1-0 with the only goal of his last minute. He was seriously injured before the second leg.

The injury could have been career-threatening. Couldn’t practice with the team. He still played the match. The team will fight the fear of being knocked out of the World Cup and he will sit in the gallery and watch! Ronaldo didn’t want to do that. He played the match, scored a hat-trick and, above all, secured a ticket to the World Cup. All 4 goals in the playoffs come from Ronaldo’s feet. However, his team was eliminated from the group stage of the 2014 World Cup. Loss to Germany in the first match, then a draw with the United States. So despite winning the last match, Portugal could not overcome the obstacles of the group stage. Injuries were driving him away from the World Cup. He played the matches with some kind of risk. In the second match, he had to go on the field with painkiller injection. Even then, Ronaldo was the target of critics when Portugal was eliminated in the group stage. They didn’t remember how they made the team qualify with the injury or they played the World Cup with Pain Killer. He was subjected to one criticism after another. Ronaldo is the only one who knows what was going on in him due to injury at such a moment. But why would Ronaldo, who has been fighting in adverse situations since childhood, accept the rate! He was born not to give up, to put aside all adversity and snatch away the glory of victory, to place himself among the best in the world.

That is why he once again dreamed of an international title. This time the mission was Euro 2016. In the first match of the group stage, Portugal drew 1-1 with Iceland’s only goal against Iceland. Portugal also drew the second match. If they draw in the last match of the group stage, Portugal will have a chance to be third in the group stage and advance to the next round. Hungary scored the first goal in the 19th minute. Then in the 42nd minute, Ronaldo assisted in the goal that equalized Nanny. Hungary went ahead again at the beginning of the second half. After a while, he brought equality in the match from the extraordinary backhill. The Hungarians went ahead once more in the 55th minute of the match.

Ronaldo did not delay to score again. He equalized in the 62nd minute with a header. After that, if neither team can score a goal, the match ends 3-3. Despite being third in the group stage, Portugal advanced to the next round due to being ahead in goal difference. In the last minute of extra time against Croatia, Ronaldo’s shot hit the bar and from there they came to the quarter with the only goal in the rebound. Portugal reached the semi-finals after beating Poland in the quarter-finals. They beat Bell Wales 2-0 in the semifinals. He scored the team’s first goal from the head in the 50th minute. Nanny scored the second goal shortly after.

Portugal face host France, who lost to Germany in the semifinals. From the start of the match, France cornered Portugal with one attack after another. After a while, Payet got injured in a tackle. At first he tried to continue the game. But he did not get the ball in the counter attack but ran and sat down. The hearts of the Portuguese supporters were shaken by an unknown fear. In the end, that fear came true. Ronaldo left the field on a stretcher with tears in his eyes. His teammates did not break up with him but were more motivated to win for him. France’s repeated attacks on Nanny’s defense to stop one attack after another was telling them how desperate they were. They were eager to bring a taste of the title to Ronaldo who had led them for so long. The first half is over, the scheduled game is over. No party is able to target. In the end, Portugal got the goal with a sudden shot of Eder! The Portuguese got their first taste of an international title with the final whistle of the referee. Portugal became happy with the title win, Ronaldo became happy.

Beginning with the loss to Greece in the 2004 Euro final. The last of which is in 2016. Many times he left the field with the pain of dream breaking. There were not many star players by his side. Even then he was not impatient, he fought with these players. He tried to get something good out of them. Waited a lifetime for an international title. But in the final, when he came close to that title, he had to leave the field due to injury despite his reluctance. He could not stay out of the field for long. The intense desire to win the title drew him to the field again. He can’t help the team on the field, so he stood on the sidelines with a bandage on his aching leg and gave direction to the team. The expression on his face showed how desperate he was for the title. The break before extra time gave the whole team courage.

He said to Eder, I know you will score the winning goal! If someone like Ronaldo says so, then the desire to win is bound to increase. Eder, who spent the entire tournament sitting on the bench, became the hero of the final victory. Unknown Eder scored at the last minute to give the team a 1-0 victory. He also confirmed Portugal’s first international title win. The smiles on the faces of the whole Portuguese, the smiles on the faces of the countless Portuguese supporters scattered all over the world, the smiles on the faces of Ronaldo.
Didn’t find the star player next door, still fought. Criticism is added only when it fails. No one saw who was playing next to him, no one saw who Ronaldo fought with. Just remember Ronaldo failed to win the team. Ronaldo has been playing with an injury but has managed to win the Euros by slapping opponents on the forehead with criticism from opponents.

Ronaldo, who has faced adversity since he was a child, knew that he would have to face even worse situations. That’s how he built himself. He has made the criticism of the opponent his own strength. When he returned home after a great performance as a child, when he saw his mother and sister depressed, he realized that he had to be the best of the best if he could put a smile on their faces. You have to prove your superiority by overcoming all obstacles. Even if the critics criticize him, they do not listen to him but instead challenge themselves by declaring their superiority, the challenge of proving their superiority.

Proved his superiority. The family smiled. Received the love of countless fans around the world. Gave dependence to Portugal. Once the group stage was over, those who have achieved great things will now watch the game with the dream of doing something good in the World Cup. Because they have a Cristiano Ronaldo in their team. Looking at his face, it seems that everything is possible. Nothing is impossible in a 90 minute game. You will not be considered a favorite or an underdog, but your fate will determine your performance with the opponent in match time. In that case, two surprises in Ronaldo’s moment can change the fate of the match, can bring an incredible victory. Countless viewers will sit in front of the TV to watch Ronaldo’s wide smile once again in the World Cup after winning the Euro final. I know the chances are low, but there is someone in the team on whom I can hope to win. He is Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world.
Happy Birthday Chris.



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