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German students return to classroom

Students in Germany’s primary and higher education institutions have begun to return to the classroom despite the omikron infection. However, before entering their classrooms, all students and teachers have to do corona test. You also have to wear a mask.

After a long discussion and review of the current situation in Corona, the German Ministry of Education has decided to teach in the presence of all students in primary and higher secondary education institutions instead of teaching online. However, before entering the classroom, all teachers and students must do regular corona test. Mask should be worn after teaching time.

Although the rule has been introduced in eight of Germany’s 17 states since Monday, the country’s education minister, Bettina Stark Watsinger, has said that, given the situation, teaching will gradually take place in all educational institutions in the country. Students are happy to be back in the classroom after a long time.

One student said he felt great to be back in class with his classmates. It’s nice to think you don’t have to sit online anymore.

We will try our best to ensure that there is no interruption in the teaching due to the Omicron variant. However, in addition to adhering to the rules of hygiene before the start of the class, we are emphasizing on the coronal test at least three times a week as well as the students wearing masks.

However, a slightly different picture has emerged in the state of Brandenburg, next to the capital Berlin.

The state’s health department said more than 2,000 students had been infected with corona. And the number of teachers in quarantine across the country is about three hundred and fifty. The country’s education minister believes that students affected by the Delta variant will be able to make up for that loss by returning to the classroom.



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