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Good news for illegals including Bangladeshis in Malaysia

The Malaysian government has extended the repatriation deadline for foreign workers, including illegal Bangladeshis. This opportunity has been extended till June 30, 2022.

Datuk Khairul Jaimi Dawood, director general of the immigration department, said in a statement on the Facebook page of the country’s immigration department on Thursday (December 23rd) local time.
High Commissioner of Bangladesh Embassy in Malaysia. Golam Sarwar said that due to lockdown and various complications, many people could not be included in the recalibration return. We recommend extending the deadline in consultation with the authorities in this country.

“Following our recommendation, the Malaysian government has extended the deadline for the ‘Recalibration Return’ program to June 30, 2022,” he said.
Arrests of unregistered foreigners in Malaysia have been on the rise for the past few months. It is reported that at least three hundred Bangladeshis were detained.
However, the ambassador said that this is a continuous process of the Malaysian government. It has nothing to do with legalization. Bangladeshis and other foreigners were also arrested for various crimes. Lack of registration is also a crime.

Through the ongoing recalibration program, they will be able to return to their home country without immigration permission. No more having to take an immigration appointment. In other words, illegal immigrants can go directly to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and leave their home country by paying a fine of 500 ringgit. In this case you have to take passport or travel pass and flight ticket with you. Must have a Corona Negative Certificate within 72 hours of the flight and must arrive at the airport 6-8 hours earlier.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Department of Malaysia said that legal action would be taken against those who do not participate in the recalibration program and the owner of the company who is working with illegal workers in accordance with Article 55 (b) of Article 1959/73 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

If illegal workers are found in any place, the employer and the employee will be sentenced to one year imprisonment with large fine. Another law states that if an employer employs more than five illegal workers, five years’ imprisonment will be effective.

Since December 2020, 1,92,261 illegal immigrants have been registered for voluntary repatriation under the ‘Recalibration Return’ program. Of them, 99,046 Indonesians, 26,621 Bangladeshis, 23,744 Indians and a total of 1,72,626 people have returned to the country.

According to various sources, Malaysia is unable to cope with the pressure of immigration at the moment. Although twenty counters have been set up in KLIA to process unregistered migrants, only 10 are working. The expatriates are in extreme despair.



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