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Google, Facebook are stealing personal information

Google and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook are not in danger. Recently, these two tech giants have faced a big problem again. The French regulatory authority has imposed huge fines for cookies complications. The fines amount to about 210 million euros or 236 million US dollars.

These cookies are stored in a web browser when Internet users access a website from a computer or mobile phone, which is very valuable to Google and Facebook. Because, based on this information of the users, they get huge profit by advertising. However, there is a risk of leaking a lot of personal information to users.

Cookies are used primarily to monitor the information of Internet users. According to the French regulatory authority, Facebook, Google and YouTube users in the country have no chance of avoiding the use of cookies. So the personal information of the user is going to the organizations without asking. And that is why they have been fined.

In 2016, the European Union’s Privacy Policy placed special emphasis on obtaining user permission to use cookies. This means that anyone can refuse to use cookies. In this case, the watchdog said to simplify the process of rejecting cookies. Authorities said both companies would be fined 100,000 euros a day if they did not comply with the order within three months.

In such a situation, Google has been fined more than once for violating European laws. Earlier, in 2020, Google had to pay a huge amount of money for the same reason. At the time, the search giant was also the victim of a record fine of 100 million euros. Google has been fined 150 million euros and Facebook 60 million euros on the same charges.



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