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Hair loss that way will be gone forever

If you have hair, you must read it. But many people are suffering from hair loss. There are some home remedies that can solve this problem forever.

Who does not want to get rid of the problem of hair loss! Oil must be applied to stop hair loss or to take care of hair. Our hair and scalp get more nutrition from oil. Instead of oils bought from the market for hair care, you can use homemade oils. With regular care, hair loss can be prevented forever. The lifestyle website Boldsky’s report mentions six such ways.

Onion oil
Onion juice has many benefits. Studies have shown that the ingredients in onion juice help in hair growth. According to nutritionists, onion oil can enhance hair growth and prevent split ends. Also, it keeps the pH level of the hair just right and prevents premature hair ripening. Hair stops falling out. To make this oil, first grind some onions and curry leaves. Next, heat the mixture over low heat with coconut oil in this paste. After 5-10 minutes, increase the heat and boil well. Now reduce the heat to low for 15 minutes, then turn off the gas. Cover and leave the mixture overnight. The next morning strain the oil and store in a container.

Amalki oil
Amalki can be used for hair loss and premature hair loss. This oil is beneficial for both men and women. Amalki oil can be used to prevent premature hair ripening and hair loss. It grows hair, cools the scalp and makes hair shiny. For this, take a cup of coconut oil and a few amalki seeds. Squeeze the juice in a bowl with crushed amalki. Now boil coconut oil and mango juice in a pan for 10-15 minutes. You will see that the mixture will turn brown as it boils. Then strain the oil into a container and let it cool.

Black cumin oil
Black cumin oil helps to improve the condition of the scalp. Black cumin has anti-inflammatory properties that keep the scalp clean and dry. Black cumin oil promotes hair growth and prevents split ends. To make this oil, take one tablespoon of black cumin powder. Then take the amount of coconut oil or olive oil in a glass jar and mix the black cumin powder in it well. Then leave it for two or three days to make black cumin oil. Apply a small amount of this oil on the scalp before each use.

Herbal oil
Neem and basil leaves have antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients. They help with various scalp problems and reduce hair loss. With natural ingredients they cure a scalp itch and prevent dandruff. To make this oil, grind fresh basil leaves, neem leaves and fenugreek seeds. Then mix coconut oil in it and boil it. When it is cold, strain the oil and use it in a glass jar.

Curry oil
Curry leaves are very effective in preventing hair loss. Many people say that those who eat curry leaves do not get their hair dry easily. Curry leaves contain vitamin A, C and other antioxidants. To make this oil, heat a cup of coconut oil in a small pot with a handful of curry leaves. Heat this mixture until a black layer falls on the oil. Then when the oil cools down, discard the leaves and fill the bottle with oil.

Jaw oil
Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and other nutrients, Jaba flower promotes hair growth, prevents hair fall and prevents premature hair maturation. Mixing jaba flower with coconut oil makes the hair brighter, reduces split ends, increases hair growth and makes hair thicker. To make this oil, first crush a few petals of jaba flower. Then mix this paste with coconut oil in a bowl and boil well till the color changes. Then when it cools down, strain the oil and use it in a glass jar.



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