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Handle greed, anger, tongue

In the last one month, four unfortunate people have died in drowning after falling into the rubbish dumped by people in the sewers and canals in Chittagong. The death of child Kamal drowning in the sewer of Panchlaish, death of university student, death of pedestrian has terrified people. Dhaka City Corporation’s garbage trucks are driven by unlicensed foreign drivers. During the day, dirty cars run on the highway throwing dirty and foul smelling water. Broken-stolen construction work truck leaves at noon to dump soil and sand. They drive heavy dirt and sand-earthen trucks dreaming colorful dreams full of intoxicated eyes. The same is true of garbage trucks of almost all city corporations in the country. During the day, their cars scurry along the streets, scattering the odors. No traffic checks their driving licenses because of the smell of dirt. Because they drive government cars. There is no profit or loss for the traffic if they are caught. So do you need to check the licenses of those illegal truck drivers?

Whose negligence is happening again and again drowning in sewer in Chittagong? Twenty-four hours later, Kamal’s body was found at the head of a distant barricade. No one says or writes anything about who throws dirt in the gutter and who is responsible for cleaning it regularly. Authorities do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. ” As a result, the same accident happens again and again. The people want to know why the city corporation has so many manpower, so many supervisors, so many officers yet the sewers are filled with polybags, why they are closed with garbage. They get paid at the end of the month, but why not work properly? Competing with the bosses is just a matter of uniting the workers and competing with the bosses to build their own houses. All concerned need to be punished for neglecting this important and valuable work of public service. They all change their color. As soon as the new government came, it became accustomed to cheat at work with new colors. So who is there to punish them? They are the government all the time!

The recurrence of drowning deaths in drain water is not only tragic, it is extremely tragic. The sewers are shallow, but so foul and foul-smelling that divers try 24 hours to find the body of a drowning child. When an accident happens, everyone’s attention is moved. Then they pass the time blaming each other. It has become part of our culture to blame each other uncontrollably in the event of an accident. That is more noticeable on some partisan TV. They regularly call on their specially selected people to speak.

It is not understood that there is so much dirty water in every drain of Chittagong city. How can you dive into the mud and find someone’s body in a heavy pile? Drains have no slabs, no lids. Open on both sides of large canals. There is no fence. Since there was no fence, baby Kamal and his friend wanted to pick up an old toy floating on the dirt. They thought he was drowning in deep mud. Whose fault and injustice? Who is responsible for the death of this ignorant child? Whose negligence has become the death well of these open drains? The person in charge of the City Corporation cannot avoid this liability. The big question today is why there is no safety net for such a big sewer in the economic capital of the country.

Greed is not just about contracting. This life-threatening sin has spread through drug users and the drug trade. Bangladesh is now a big market for drugs, big country for small and big drug users! Are so many poor people buying yaba, crystal, khat, phencidyl, vodka, champagne in the country? Illegal drug beer advertising goes a different way. Seeing that, drug addicts do not want to buy land on the moon? The illicit drug trade in Bikini runs under the umbrella of the rich and powerful. They are the most expensive drug users and their associates.

Greed also gives rise to extreme anger. That is why he did not hesitate to call a famous heroine to join him in bad deeds by swearing in vulgar language. These are our leaders today. They make laws, run the country. Does anyone keep track of how many more such people are invisible?

Power can be gained without voting – this example has been created as a result of the UP election, we have created – we fight, fight, murder. Since there are no restrictions on voting, everyone is interested in becoming a leader with money and muscle. If there was fair competition in a democratic way, it would never have happened in the country.

The constant greed to become a leader has easily created anger, violence and resentment among the people. Because, if you can get power only by getting nomination, then it is foolish not to go to war to get that nomination. Violent incidents and deaths in the UP elections only reveal this fact.

Another thing has started to spread poison and slander in each other’s name. Its main carriers today are the internet and digital media. The disease of the media in our country is very serious. Because the lion’s share of them was born like a frog’s umbrella. Most of the media has flourished by capitalizing on individualism. So they are always afraid to reveal the truth. As a result, it deceives the people by giving birth to a kind of bias. But not everyone. Some are rising above the factions and working to reveal the truth. Congratulations to them.

Only wise people who know that the bravery of power does not last forever. The drunkards forget about it unknowingly and spend their days just boasting and bragging. There is a proverb, ‘How long does it take for the mind to understand wealth through rules?’ Yet a class of people continue to suffer from night blindness in the pride of power. Ordinary people do not even think of ants after losing their knowledge by getting drunk. Some people get drunk and crush people walking on the road with trucks. Some of them take away the rights of others in the pride of Dalkana and get excited and sing, dance, lose control of their tongues due to intoxication with drugs and women and lose their power in an instant by talking nonsense. And it will lose. It is not so easy to lose what you have earned. What is achieved without difficulty or ‘fao’ can fly away in an instant like a house of cards. This is the law of destiny. Therefore, it is necessary for all the arrogant ones to try hard to control their greed, anger and their tongues.

Author: Professor, Department of Social Work, Rajshahi University. E-mail:



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