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He revealed the secret of his own murder

Life and death are full of mysteries. No one could break the mystery of these two things. Sometimes things happen that not everyone imagines. I will know about such a mysterious event. The incident took place on February 21, 1986, in Chicago. Teresita Basha was a resident of Flat 15-B on 2640 North Pine Grove Avenue. Police recovered Teresita’s body from the house. However, the woman did not die a normal death. He was found with his body wrapped in a carpet on fire.

After extinguishing the fire, it was seen that he also had a knife in his chest. There is no clothing on the body. But the cause of the murder or the identity of the killer was not known. One after another information about Teresita came up in the investigation. In the meantime, a source came to the hands of the investigators. It is a handwritten note of the terrestrial. Where a. Teresita wrote about collecting theater tickets for a man named S. After searching for the man, the police could not find anything in his name.

The case came to light again in July of that year, when the mystery of Teresita’s death was floating in the abyss. Suddenly a note changes everything. The note was kept on the Detective Stancular desk. It said, “Call this number to find out about Teresita’s murder.” The phone number was from the Evanston Police Department. Stanchula learned by phone that a colleague at the hospital where Teresita worked had information about her killer. In the meantime, Detective Stanchula can hear the last phone recording of the terrestrial. Teresita said on the phone that a male guest had come to her house, but she did not mention the guest’s name.

The detective is contacted by Teresitar, the husband of a colleague who is also a doctor. After hearing what he had to say, Stanchula thought he was being humiliated by being called and told a strange story. But in the end, Stanchula could not avoid the matter. He said that the spirits of the terrestrial were sometimes attacking his wife. The spirit asked them for help in telling the whole story of the death, but they did not tell the police anything out of fear.

According to the next terrestrial co-worker’s husband, Atma blamed a man named Alan Sawari for his death. Although Stanchula doesn’t believe the incident, he will look into the matter. He started the interrogation by calling the person named Alan. It is known that on the day of the incident, he actually went to Teresita’s house. In the name of helping to repair the TV, he actually intended to rob the terrestrial house. Alan attacked him as soon as he entered the house. After the death of Teresita, she stripped off her clothes and wrapped herself in a carpet to set fire to the evidence. They also stole terrestrial jewelry and valuables.

Alan later pleaded guilty in court. Alan was sentenced to 14 years. But five years later he was released on parole. But what really made Teresitar’s spirit identify his killer? Detective Stanchula could not answer. According to him, he did not get any explanation. But the mystery of the terrestrial remains a mystery in the end.



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