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Higher education is not working, the urge to acquire new skills

The tendency of all young people in Bangladesh to lean towards higher education is not working at the end of the day, said Planning Minister M.A. Mannan. Therefore, emphasizing on alternative education, he said, “We have to ensure a conducive work environment in all workplaces.” Only then will the various problems of the youth of Bangladesh be alleviated. ‘

He advised the youth to quickly get acquainted with their new skills in this ever-changing world. Expressing his optimism about the youth of the country, he said that the government of Bangladesh will stand by the youth in any need.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a webinar titled “Sectoral Action Plan for Youth Budgeting” on Thursday (October 26). The webinar was chaired by Farah Kabir, Country Director of ActionAid Bangladesh. The webinar was hosted by Dr. Saima Haque Bidisha, Professor of Economics, Dhaka University and Research Director, Sanem.

In his introductory speech, Dr. Selim Raihan, Professor, Department of Economics, Dhaka University and Executive Director, Sanem, emphasized the importance of youth in the economy of Bangladesh and called for proper use of existing demographic dividends.

“Not only the government but also the parents of the youth should actively help their children in education and skills development,” he said.
In his speech, Farah Kabir, the president of the program, mentioned the problems of the youth in the current context. He emphasized the need for coordination among government agencies in the areas of education and employment.
Later, Ishrat Sharmeen, a researcher at Sanem, in his research paper titled ‘Sectoral Action Plan for Youth Budgeting’, discusses the steps to be taken and the challenges faced by the younger generation under these six indicators – education, employment, income, healthcare, poverty and domestic violence. He expressed hope that the proposals would be fruitful in alleviating the problems of the young people of the country. In this study, livelihood and health sectors are mentioned as the most important for the youth.

Joint Secretary of the Department of Technical and Madrasa Education. Borhanul Haque said that it is possible to arrange quick employment among the youth through the expansion of technical education. Besides, technical education is being included in the madrasa education activities, which will spread job-oriented skills among the marginalized people of the country, he added.

Also present as speakers at the webinar were Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare Yasmin Akhtar, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Zahirul Islam, Manager of ActionAid Bangladesh (Young People), Nazmul Ahsan, and Debangshu Kumar Ghosh, Operations Manager of BRAC Skill Development Program.

The speakers of the program discussed the major problems of the present young generation from different angles and ways to address them. He highlighted how the Corona epidemic has become a major obstacle to youth employment. Their discussion highlights how unemployment is on the rise due to a lack of coordination between the education system and the workplace.



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