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Horrific situation in Corona: Troops deployed in UK hospital

he Corona situation has taken a terrible shape around the world due to the omikron. Army personnel have been deployed to hospitals in the UK to deal with increasing patient stress and staff crises as infections continue to rise. The number of patients in hospitals in the United States and Europe is increasing. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has warned against referring to the Omicron variant as mild.

Different countries of the world are struggling to control the new corona infection which is growing in the world. More than 160,000 corona have been identified in the UK in a single day.

The number of patients is also increasing in the hospitals. With that came the acute crisis of health workers. To deal with the situation, 200 armed forces officers have been deployed to London to assist the National Health Service over the next three weeks.

In a statement on Friday, British Health Minister Sajid Javid said troops had been deployed to help NHS workers who were on duty 24 hours a day. He also said that the army was assisting in corona testing and vaccination activities.

Infection is also on the rise in the United States. More than 6 lakh corona cases have been identified in the country in a single day. The number of corona patients has increased in the hospitals due to the deteriorating condition. A record number of patients have been admitted in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden is optimistic about the situation in Corona despite the outbreak. Biden told a news conference at the White House on Friday that Corona would not last forever, but that the situation would change quickly.

In the last 24 hours, 1 lakh 18 thousand 100 new corona have been identified in India. With this, for the first time in seven months, the number of daily infections in the country has crossed one lakh. Earlier, on June 6, 2021, the corona of 1 lakh 14 thousand 460 people was identified in one day in India.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has warned to call Omicron mild. In a statement, the head of the agency said that people around the world are dying from Omicron. He also said that despite the mild symptoms of the victims, a record number of people have been affected by the variant and the pressure on the health system is increasing. The number of patients identified worldwide has exceeded 300 million due to the rapid transmission of coronavirus Omicron.



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