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house arrest for covid-19: What food to eat to recover quickly, said the nutritionist

The world is terrified by the scourge of the Corona epidemic. Researchers are also concerned about new types of corona. Kovid-infection is on the rise.

The news of covid-infection is constantly coming in the circle of acquaintances. Covid-kitchens across the city have also been reactivated, which many have identified as the third wave of covid, a feature of which — in most cases, mild symptoms of covid. So many are living in seclusion at home. The fever goes away in 2-3 days. Fatigue, body aches, sore throat, cold and cough are going on. In such a situation, what should be fed to Kovid patients?

Many may have sore throats that it is difficult to eat all foods. Many may be living alone at home. So it is becoming difficult to cook in the fatigue of Kovid. What can be eaten in such a way that the body gets adequate nutrition and recovers quickly. The nutritionist informed about those issues. ]

Nutritionists say that not only food but also the overall lifestyle of Kovid patients should be given special attention for speedy recovery. In addition to protein, vitamins, and essential minerals, the body needs adequate sleep, drinking water, and short walking. There are some things to keep in mind.

1. Three liters of liquid must go into the body. It can be hot tea, soup or any kind of herbal drink without eating everything through water. Those who have a sore throat with a cold or cough may not be able to eat fruit juices, soft drinks or smoothies at this time. So it is better to eat hot soup or tea.

2. Eight hours of sleep is essential. In addition to physical weakness, there is a lot of mental anxiety. So many people have trouble sleeping at this time. Remember, if you do not sleep for eight hours, the fatigue of the body will not go away. It will take more time to recover. So you have to walk half an hour to 40 minutes before going to bed in the room where you are in seclusion. There is no need to walk too fast or forcefully. Walk slowly. You can take another 15-20 minutes walk inside the house at any time of the day. If someone does not have a problem with milk, he can also drink a little warm milk before going to bed.

3. After two waves, many people have come to know the protein that Kovid patients need to be healthy. But do not eat unnecessary protein supplements. During the second wave, many people took various protein supplements without consulting a doctor. This increased their uric acid a lot. So it is better not to take only such supplements.

4. One egg a day and two egg whites are enough to eat protein. If there is no problem in the lipid profile, anyone can easily eat one egg a day. Apart from that, protein can also be eaten from pulses. Many people do not want to cook because of the fatigue of Kovid. When they boil the rice, boil it in a thin cotton cloth in the same pot with some lentils. This thakathake dalsedhte contains a lot of protein. One table spoon will play with each match. You can rub it with salt or mustard oil according to your taste.

5. It will be beneficial to play a small amount five times without eating three times. Especially those who are not able to eat properly due to sore throat. In the afternoon there may be a match yogurt. Many people think that eating yoghurt will make you feel cold. This is a completely wrong idea. Yogurt can be made into a smoothie with any fruit of your choice. You can also eat yoghurt again. Yogurt also provides protein to the body.

. In addition to protein, the body needs vitamins and minerals. Make any curry with rice. You must eat a little curry every time you eat. Eat both seasonal fruits. If you can change these fruits a little from time to time, you will get more benefits. Even if it is not possible, you must eat any two fruits every day.

. Do not eat lemon chips in hot water to get vitamin C. Instead, eat lentils and rice with a lemon juice in it. It will be convenient to eat even if the mouth is tasteless.
. When eating rice, you must put a spoonful of good quality ghee in the pan. Ghee is very important for Kovid patients. Source: Anandabazar.



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