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How effective is a vaccine in a booster dose?

All adults in the United States are being asked to take a booster dose of corona. But many are confused লে they will be safer if they take any vaccine.

The US newspaper Business Insider says the decision to take any one of the three tickers approved so far for epidemic control would be the right one. The vaccine that you want to strengthen your disease control, it would be better to take.

The three approved vaccines are safe and effective. There is a slight difference between these vaccines and the other.

This difference will play a catalytic role in the selection of booster vaccines. Especially in the case of the elderly অনেকেই many of them prefer MRNA boosters. More emphatically, they are known to be interested in taking modern booster doses.

But whatever the difference may be; It will not make much difference in protecting people from disease.

Modern doses are strengthening the human immune system a bit. It contains slightly more antibodies than the other two vaccines.

This does not mean that there is a dramatically better vaccine in the long run in modern times. Rather, the Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical company’s vaccine has additional protection measures in the immediate term. So they are at least a little bit ahead of Pfizer.

Johns Hopkins University Director of the International Vaccine Admission Center. “Honestly, I don’t know if there’s a big gap between the two,” said William Moss. The doctor also claims that there is no strong enough argument to give importance to one mRNA vaccine over another.

He said, “All in all, I would say that which is convenient for you; That’s it.

All adults are advised to take a booster dose at least six months after the second dose. However, for those who have been vaccinated against Johnson & Johnson, they have been advised to take a booster with an MRNA vaccine at any time, two months after the vaccination.

Those who have been vaccinated with Modern or Pfizer have been instructed to choose between booster and booster, according to US government data. However, for those who have been vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson, Modern is being preferred for booster.

Johnson’s vaccination could benefit from a different kind of boosting strategy. Getting vaccinated by another company means they have to get an MRNA vaccine. Pfizer and Modern are being put forward for the adenovirus ticker (Johnson & Johnson).

The modern vaccine is more potent, as well as more intense. The response to the vaccine is stronger than that of Pfizer. Those who choose Modern for Booster should keep in mind the serious side effects.

People are complaining about the side effects of the two vaccines ছাড়া headaches, fatigue, and muscle aches, in addition to some pain at the injection site. But for those who have not changed the brand in the booster dose, the side effects are much the same as in the second dose.

It will be clearer in the coming months – which vaccine is actually better for booster doses. But infectious disease experts say there is no need to worry too much about these. People can get vaccinated at any one brand in Booster. Because any one booster dose can give people more protection than Johnson’s one or Pfizer-Modern’s two ticks.

Anthony Fawcett, the top infectious disease specialist in the United States, said it would not be right to complicate matters now. People will be much more protected from epidemic infections due to the effect of booster doses.

So people have to take the booster dose of their choice keeping in mind the spread of Omicron virus. And that can be more secure.



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