Home World News How many Israelis captured by Hamas?

How many Israelis captured by Hamas?

How many Israelis captured by Hamas

The Middle East is heated by the attacks and counter-attacks of Israel and Palestine. So far more than five hundred have been killed in this conflict. The dead included at least 250 Israelis and 232 Palestinians. Hamas has also captured several Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Israel Defense Forces Chief Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari acknowledged the capture of soldiers by Hamas in a press conference on Saturday evening (October 7). He said that Hamas members have captured Israeli civilians and soldiers and taken them to the Gaza Strip. However, he did not say how many people were detained.

However, the BBC reports that more than 50 Israelis have been captured by Hamas members.

On the other hand, according to a report by the Times of Israel, various videos that have gone viral online show that members of the armed group Hamas are taking several Israeli citizens captive. Reports in Arabic media claimed that 52 Israelis had been captured. Several of the prisoners are believed to have been killed. However, the Israeli military did not give specific information about the prisoners and casualties.

Meanwhile, a senior leader of Hamas has announced plans to bring more than the Palestinians imprisoned in the country’s prisons in exchange for the Israeli hostages. He said, they captured enough Israeli soldiers in this ambush, which is enough to free all Palestinians imprisoned in Israel.

Saleh-al-Aruri, deputy chief of Hamas’s political bureau, said, “We have killed and captured many Israeli soldiers. The war will continue.

He also said, ‘Palestinian prisoners are in Israeli prisons. Let them release all our soldiers in exchange for the amount of Israeli soldiers we have prisoners. As the war progresses, the number of prisoners will increase. But he did not give any information about how many Israelis were captured.

According to Adamira, an NGO working on the rights of traffickers, there are 5,200 Palestinians in Israeli jails. Among them 33 women and 170 children.

Meanwhile, 250 Israelis have been killed so far in a sudden rocket attack by Hamas on Saturday. And one and a half thousand were injured, of which at least 270 are in critical condition.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health of Palestine said that 232 people were killed in Gaza by Israeli air strikes. This number is expected to increase. Because 1 thousand 697 people were injured in the attack, most of them in serious condition.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war after the unprecedented attack. At this time, he warned to eliminate the infiltrators in Israel. At the same time, he called on all Israelis to unite. Later, Netanyahu held an emergency meeting with the cabinet members. He called for the formation of an emergency national government with opposition leaders Yar Lapid and Benny Gantz.

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