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How to chase a lizard from home

The scientific name of the Mediterranean species of lizard is Hemidactylus frinatus. There are more than 600 species of lizards in the world. It can be seen anywhere in the house. Many people do not want to see this animal in the house at all. Some people also have lizard phobia. Let’s not know how to get rid of lizards easily from home.

The lizard is a very dirty animal. This is why many people are afraid of this animal. Moreover, it is not safe to have lizards in the kitchen. Food poisoning occurs when a lizard falls into the food for any reason or the feces of the lizard falls into the food. So it would be wise to drive the lizard out of the house without killing the lizard.

Usually lizards prefer to stay in a warm place. So keep your house cool to ward off lizards. You can also keep garlic or onion in different places of the house to chase the lizard.
The lizard can’t stand the smell of pepper either. So you can put pepper or pepper powder in the places where lizards are more. The lizards also run away over coffee or tobacco powder.

You can burn bay leaves and make its powder and leave it in different places. The smell of lizards will not enter the house.

Naphthalene is another effective way to repel lizards. Naphthalene can be placed in places where lizards are more infested. The smell of lizards will leave your house.

Above all, if the lizard has difficulty finding food at home, the infestation of this animal will decrease. Moreover, if the house is kept clean regularly, lizards will not enter the house. So to clean the house well, you can also clean the house regularly with anti-bacterial solution.



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