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How to prevent bananas from turning black

The name of the most widely available fruit is banana. This fruit is considered a good source of calories. It contains strong tissue-forming ingredients of meat, vitamins and minerals.

Many people do not get peace after buying bananas from the market and bringing them home. Because then the banana ripens quickly. The color of the banana peel starts from yellow to black. Bananas are brown, soft and tasteless when eaten.

Ethylene is released from the banana body when the banana begins to ripen. Due to this the color of the collar changes during this time. There is a way to prevent this problem from turning black!

In this way, bananas bought from the market can be kept yellow for a long time. There is a simple technique to keep the bananas you buy fresh and even prevent them from turning brown. Wrap cling film around each collar stem. This will slow down the ripening process.

In addition, if the banana is kept in the fridge while it is green, the ripening capacity decreases. However, in this case, it is not right to keep unripe bananas in the fridge. Because the green color and streaks of banana kept in the fridge will stick.

Another easy way to slow down the ripening of bananas is to buy ripe bananas lightly raw. If you want to eat bananas bought by spending money for a long time, it would be wise to buy bananas when they are half ripe. After purchase, you can keep it at low temperature and eat it.

Those who can’t afford to buy a small quantity of bananas for fear of rotting bananas can now buy a bunch of bananas using this technique. You can also share this strategy with your friends so that they can save a bunch of bananas for themselves to eat without throwing them in the dustbin.



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