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Hygiene is not being observed in Brahmanbaria trade fair

Hygiene is not being observed in Brahmanbaria trade fair

The month-long industrial and trade fair is going on in Brahmanbaria amidst the omikron risk ignoring the hygiene rules. Many fear that a new type of corona, Omicron, will spread in the crowds of buyers and visitors at the fair every day. Therefore, the conscious community thinks that it is necessary to take effective steps now. In this situation, the district health department says, effective steps will be taken in this regard soon.

A month-long industry and trade fair has started in front of Niaz Muhammad Stadium (Outer Stadium) in Brahmanbaria city on December 23 last year organized by Brahmanbaria Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

It was seen on the spot in the fair that the limited number of buyers and visitors in the premises of the fair. After entering the fair, many buyers and visitors do not have a mask on their face. Buyers and sellers are huddled in the crowd.

Visitors complained of poor health at the fair, saying that the organizers of the fair had noticed a lot of indifference towards the observance of hygiene rules. Even if someone enters the fair without a mask, no action is being taken by the organizers. They are fearing that this will increase the risk of Omicron spreading. Therefore, they think it is important for the organizers to take steps along with awareness in this regard.

A visitor named Masuma Begum, who came to visit the fair, said that it is safe to say that there is no awareness in the fair. If it continues like this, then Corona will increase further. No one is following hygiene rules at the fair. Seeing this situation, I came to the fair and am in awe. The administration and the organizers need to be more strict. Otherwise, there is no need to continue this fair.

Another visitor, Dulal Chandra Saha, said the fair authorities needed to be more vigilant. As Corona grows, the fair should be conducted in accordance with hygiene rules. Where the government has imposed restrictions, the fair is not supposed to run. I don’t know how it is going. But action is needed now. Otherwise Omicron will spread.

Commenting that no one is following the hygiene rules at the fair, a visitor named Samsunahar Seema said that the organizers of the fair had the responsibility to ensure that everyone enters the fair following the hygiene rules at the entrance of the fair. There is negligence on the part of the authorities. As the incidence of corona is increasing day by day, everyone should follow the hygiene rules.

Meanwhile, the vendors who come to the fair from different parts of the country are not following the hygiene rules. They are making various arguments in favor of not using masks in various excuses.

“People are not afraid of anything in the current situation,” said a vendor named Shubh. In joy people forget everything. That’s how people move around. The hygiene rules are being followed. The trade is going well. We also have masks.

However, he gave an excuse to come from the prayers and said, “I went outside to pray, I did not wear a mask for that.” Thus everyone wears a mask.

Commenting on the need for everyone to follow the hygiene rules, another vendor named Sohag said, “We work. I destroy the masks one by one. When buyers come and call, when they talk, they often do not hear or understand. That’s why I keep the mask open. However, no one is following the hygiene rules. We tell everyone to follow hygiene rules.

In this regard, the convener of the fair management committee and director of Brahmanbaria Chambers of Commerce and Industry Md. Shah Alam said, “We have received permission to conduct the fair for a month.” Visitors are allowed to enter the fair in compliance with hygiene rules. However, the current situation in our country is that as long as the government talks about running our fair, we will run the fair.

District Civil Surgeon said about the fair. Ekram Ullah said that mass gatherings do not increase the risk of infection. For that, public gatherings have been banned nationally. We will take steps to ensure that the restrictions imposed by the government are properly complied with.

At the same time, he mentioned the risk of trade fairs and said that necessary steps would be taken through discussion.

Hundreds of shops for children and teenagers have participated in the fair. The fair runs every day from afternoon to late night.



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