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Illegally cutting down hills and selling land in Brahmanbaria

In violation of the law, soil is being sold by cutting hills and hills in Kasba of Brahmanbaria. Locals said that no one was daring to protest as influential people were involved in it. However, the administration has promised to take action if the complaint is made in writing.

In Brahmanbaria, a circle is selling red soil elsewhere by cutting hills and small hills in different villages bordering Kasba upazila. The land is being bought from them and used for various purposes including construction of houses. The hilly region is becoming flat. No one is daring to protest as the cycle is influential.

The locals said that they are leveling the place for taxation.

Meanwhile, Kasba Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Brahmanbaria Masud-ul Alam said that action is being taken only after receiving a written complaint. “These are illegal activities,” he said. I immediately instructed the government commission. Whenever we get complaints, we stop. It is often seen that they do these things in the dark of night, in which case action is taken.

At the same time, the Department of Environment has assured to take legal action against this illegal cycle. Brahmanbaria Deputy Director of the Department of Environment. Nurul Amin said that although the Environment Act is a law of 1995, but the section of cutting down the hill was added in 2010. Because it is such an important issue.

In the last one year, locals have complained that almost flat land has been created by cutting down hills in more than 20 places in Kasba.



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