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Incredible vehicle flying in the sky

The dream of flying in the sky in a hurry while walking on the road is not far away. It has almost become a reality. Slovakia’s hybrid carmaker Klein Vision has been allowed to fly in the country’s transport company. Named ‘Aircar’, the vehicle can fly on the road as well as fly in the sky. Within three minutes of switching the switch, it turned from a road car into an incredible vehicle flying in the sky.

The Slovak transport authority recently certified the hybrid car as ‘Airwardness’. For this, he had to fly experimentally for about 60 hours, take-off-landing more than 200 times. Aircars only need a 300 meter runway to fly in the sky. The car can travel at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Can go up to one thousand kilometers.

A statement from Klein Vision said they would have to have a pilot’s license to fly the hybrid car. Manufacturers are optimistic that Aircar will be released commercially within the next one year. However, before starting commercial operations, it must be approved by the European Union’s Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The 1.8L BMW engine is used in the aircraft. It can be run on any fuel sold at any gas station. Can rise up to a maximum of 18 thousand feet.

However, this is not the first flying car show in the world. In 2016, Uber unveiled a prototype of a flying taxi that looked like a drone. The Netherlands-based company PAL-V has developed a similar flying vehicle. However, they have not yet reached the final agreement. In the United States, too, the flying car of an organization called Terrafugia has received airworthiness certificates.



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