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Indonesia is moving its capital considering the environment

Indonesia is moving its capital from the mega city Jakarta. One crore people are suffering in Jakarta due to various reasons including infectious diseases, floods and air pollution. That is why the government of the country has taken this plan.

The new capital will focus on low carbon emissions, pharmaceuticals, health and technology.

A bill to that effect was approved by the Indonesian parliament on Tuesday. Where the capital is going from Jakarta is a deep area. The forested area of ​​Kalimantan on the island of Borneo has also been chosen.

The country’s planning minister, Suharso Monorfa, said President Joko Widodo had approved the েট 32 billion mega-project under a new state capital law. The development of the capital will be managed in the approved budget.
The planning minister said the draft bill became law on Tuesday. The new capital will be a new symbol of the nation’s identity. This will accelerate economic progress.

The new capital is named Nusantara. This is a Javanese name. President Joko Widodo chose the name for the Indonesian archipelago.

President Joko announced the plan in 2019. But due to the Corona epidemic, that plan came to a standstill.

Earlier, Brazil and Myanmar moved their capitals.



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