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Instructions not to increase the fare of CNG powered vehicles

In order to increase the price of diesel and kerosene in the country, the government has only increased the fare of diesel-powered transport, so the Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association has given special instructions not to increase the fare of CNG-powered vehicles.

The request was made in a directive signed by Khandaker Enayet Ullah, secretary general of the Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association, on Monday (November 9) afternoon.

The directive said, “The BRTA has rescheduled the fare at a meeting on November 8 due to the increase in diesel prices.” Long-distance buses are priced at Tk 1.60 and diesel-powered buses in Dhaka and Chittagong are priced at Tk 2.15 per km and minibuses at Tk 2.05 per km. The fare of any CNG-powered vehicle has not been increased.

In the directive, Enayet Ullah said, “We have received complaints that in some districts CNG-powered buses are being charged more, which is against the rules and is a punishable offense.”

The owners of each district have been instructed to collect the rent chart from the BRTA office and collect the rent. The Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association has instructed to monitor whether the fares are taken as per the chart.

Besides, it has been warned that strict legal action will be taken if any extra rent is collected. He also gave separate instructions to the bus owners plying in Dhaka metropolis.

Meanwhile, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has warned that strict legal action will be taken against the responsible transporters if they charge more than the rescheduled rate on public transport and suffer passengers.

Obaidul Quader said the government has rescheduled only diesel-powered transport fares due to the increase in diesel and kerosene prices. He also said that mobile courts of BRTA are being conducted in different places of Dhaka metropolis from today against collection of extra rent.

He said instructions have already been issued at the field level to conduct mobile courts to take action against overcharging across the country. The Minister urged all concerned including Divisional Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Highway Police and District Police to play an effective role in this regard.

BRTA Director (Enforcement) said. Sarwar Alam told the media that 184 diesel-powered buses and minibuses were inspected during the operation. At that time, action was taken against 24 diesel powered buses as evidence of extra fare was found.

In addition, in the light of bus route rationalization and introduction of bus management system through the company, in the light of the decision of the Coordinating Committee, a coordinated mobile court operation and joint operation was carried out. A fine of Tk 59,000 has been imposed on 16 buses for route violations. Six buses without route permits have been sent to dumping stations.



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