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International brands tend to produce eco-friendly clothing

Now most of the garment manufacturers including Zara, Levi’s, Gap, American Eagle, the well-known brands in the garment industry are much more aware of the environment.

At different stages of garment production, they are paying close attention to protecting the environment and not harming the human body.

For example, sand blasting was once widely practiced and is now banned worldwide.

At the same time, these brands have banned the use of at least hundreds of chemicals, including benzidine, chloroenylene, crocidolyla, and triamolite, for their products. They confirm the matter from the beginning to the end of the garment production.

The list of these banned chemicals is called RSL List or Restricted Substance List for short.

Nowadays, the use of recycled yarn (recycled yarn) is becoming popular among the brands to protect the environment. The use of Better Cotton, Organic Cotton, Oka Cotton (Organic Cotton Escalator) and Recycled Polyester is also increasing day by day.

Of these, the use of oka and organic cotton is considered to be the safest for the environment.

Organic cotton is a specially produced cotton, which does not use any harmful pesticides or environmentally friendly fertilizers and whose seeds are not hybrids.

In this way, every step of production, from seed collection to garment production, is overseen by an organization called The Global Organic Textile Standards (Geotis) and they certify every step of garment production.

Special chemicals are used in the manufacture of these fabrics, which are relatively less harmful to the environment. In addition, the ETP (factory chemical waste treatment plant) in the washing plant where the garments are washed is 100% effective.

Recently, some brands have started manufacturing garments in this system with zero discharge i.e. not even a drop of water will be released into the environment. The Zero Discharge system is a special system where the water is reused by neutralizing 100% of the chemicals in the water used for washing clothes. Washing clothes in this way does not harm the environment.

Over the last two decades, various measures have been taken worldwide for the treatment of waste in the garment industry. As part of this, the world’s largest brands have banned the production of garments in factories that do not have 100% water treatment plants and the use of chemicals that are harmful to the human body.

At the same time, steps have been taken to stop the use of potassium permanganate. Potassium manganese is a very harmful chemical for humans. Europe’s top brand Zara has taken steps to completely shut down the sale of potassium permanganate used clothing within the next four years. With this in mind, some textile manufacturers are using a new type of dyeing method called Clinkor. Laser beams are used in the fabric produced by this Clinco method.

Most of the water used in various industries, including the garment industry, comes from underground sources. As a result, the ground water level is going down day by day. Clothing brands have also become aware of the use of water. The world’s biggest brands are introducing clothes that can be washed in very little water to the general buyers as the next trend.

As part of which, UFLO, up system washing machines are being used in garment manufacturing these days, where at least 40 percent less water is used. Besides, the use of a special device called ozone has started. This method does not require very little water or any type of water.

At the same time, the users are being encouraged to use the same clothes for a long time. Recently, new clothes are being offered in exchange for old clothes in big brand shops of different countries of the world including Japan, United States, London, Europe. Those old clothes are being sold without any change or modification.



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