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International Space Station retiring?

The International Space Station is being sent to retirement soon. The International Space Station has been operating in space since 1998. This station is very old. Since 2000, ISS has been the home of many astronauts in 19 countries around the world. This station has a laboratory for microgravity research. Here research is done on various scientific developments, including purification of water and treatment of diseases like cancer.

The International Space Station will operate in space until 2024. This is NASA’s agreement with the international community. Angela Hart, manager of NASA’s Commercial Low Earth Orbit Program Office, said that since science and research work is always done here, ISS also has its limitations. But NASA has no plans to build another space station. On the contrary, NASA wants to rely on the technology of other companies. NASA wants to rely on those who want to build commercial space stations, such as Colorado’s Sierra Space and Houston’s Axiom Space.

Meanwhile, China is building its own space station, the Tiangong space station. Russia is also preparing. The commercial space station is expected to be launched in 2030. The International Space Station is home to at least 553 astronauts. ISS is now over the Pacific Ocean. Has relied on commercial companies for many jobs over the last few years. To this end, NASA has taken up the project. NASA will give কোটি 400 million to 4 companies so that they can build a space station in space. The cost of creating international space was 15 trillion dollars. In addition to the United States, it is funded by Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada. NASA spends 4 billion a year to operate the International Space Station.

Last year, SpaceX made history by being recognized as the first private space company. NASA astronauts take the SpaceX spacecraft to the International Space Station. Angela Hat said that now NASA wants to focus on research on Mars and the moon, leaving the responsibility of the International Space Station to commercial companies.

This International Space Station is located in the lower orbit of the Earth. Meanwhile, China has taken the lead in building a private space station. China wants to build a small city in space. China’s Tiangong Space Station is 5 times larger than the International Space Station. Jeff Beazes, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, is also interested in building a space station.



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