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iPhone 12 may be banned in three more countries

iPhone 12 may be banned in three more countries

The country’s radio frequency regulator ANFR has ordered the sale of Apple’s iPhone 12 series phones in France due to high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Germany, Belgium and Spain are following the same path after this incident.

In a report, the news agency Reuters said that the countries are going to take this decision due to the high level of electro-magnetic radiation.

However, the European Commission has said that it is unlikely to impose this ban across the European Union (EU) soon. The agency said it would take a decision after hearing the views of other EU countries.

On Wednesday (September 13), France’s regulatory body informed the rest of the European Union. Countries have three months to comment on this.

Belgium’s Digitalization Secretary Matthew Michel said the country’s regulatory body, the Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT), is trying to identify harmful electromagnetic radiation by inspecting all Apple devices.
Germany’s regulatory agency told Reuters on Thursday (September 14) that it is testing the iPhone 12’s electromagnetic radiation levels.

A consumer rights organization in Spain, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), has requested authorities to take initiatives like France, Forbes said.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has said that radiation emitted from mobile phones is not harmful to humans. According to the organization’s website, there is no evidence that low levels of electromagnetic radiation are harmful to humans.

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