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Jagannath University: The year started with mismanagement and ended with irregularities

Jagannath University reopened on October 6 after a long 56-day shutdown due to the Corona epidemic. Although the university was closed for most of this year, Jagannath University was discussed on various issues. Today’s event is about the flow of events of this year’s Jagannath University.

The only hall made for the students of Jagannath University is Begum Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall. However, years after the inauguration, the university administration has not yet understood the hall. During the work on October 20 last year, leaving the work unfinished, the former vice chancellor. Mizanur Rahman hurriedly inaugurated the hall.

However, the handover process has not been completed as the work has been going on for the last one year even after the inauguration. Before the inauguration of the hall, a provost has retired after a full term. On March 5, Professor Shamima Begum of the Department of Microbiology was appointed Hall Provost for two years. Although 10 months have passed since he took charge, the students have not been able to get up yet.

Although the initial policy of the hall was passed in the last 75th syndicate meeting, the amendment policy has not been passed yet. Of these, 3,000 students have applied for 624 seats from October 1 to October 15.
Although more than a year has passed since the inauguration, Provost Professor Shamima Begum has not been able to confirm when the students will be able to get up.

He said, “When I got the responsibility of the hall, I thought I would pick up the students’ hall and start work. Now after taking charge, I see that this process is very complicated. After the completion of the work of the hall, the contractor will inform the Ministry of Education. The ministry will explain it to the university, then the university will explain it to me. It took me so long to understand this and to hold a committee meeting. Many times I can’t even do it by repeatedly asking for a meeting. I’m trying to get the hall open as soon as possible. ”

Irregularities in Jabir Pogoj School:

The headmaster and assistant headmaster of Jagannath University Pogos Laboratory School have been accused of embezzling around Rs 3 lakh in the name of recruitment. There are complaints, said the headmaster of the school. Monir Hossain and Assistant Headmaster. Shariful Alam has collected this money from UGC saying that he wants to register. Of which, they have taken five thousand rupees from non-MPO teachers, 11 thousand rupees from MPO registered teachers and five thousand rupees from all employees.

Besides, the school’s assistant headmaster Md. Shariful Islam. He has been teaching at Pogoz School for a long time, forging a postgraduate certificate in English from the Darul Ihsan Trust. But Darul Ihsan Trust denied the certificate. Despite the allegations in January this year, the university administration has not taken any action other than providing show cause.

Average match of Rs 541 crore:

In August this year, there was an allegation that an average of Tk 541 crore was involved in setting up a new campus of Jagannath University (JU) in Keraniganj. On August 26, a report was published in a newspaper about corruption irregularities and an average of Tk 541 crore around the new campus of Jagannath University. It is learned that the ECNEC meeting in October 2016 passed a project titled ‘Establishment of new campus of Jagannath University – Land Acquisition and Development’. The cost is estimated at 1 thousand 920 crore 94 lakh. In 2019, 18 acres of land was acquired at a cost of Taka 799 crore 80 lakh. According to the data of the annual economic meeting of the Ministry of Education on March 11, 2021, Tk 1,441 crore has been spent for the new campus till June 2020. However, the project officials could not say in which sectors Tk 541 crore has been spent.

University student organizations are protesting against the new campus project, demanding an investigation into corruption. If there is corruption in the context of their demands, the ACC will look into it, said the university’s vice chancellor. Imdadul Haque. But almost four months after the news broke, no progress has been made so far.

Returning home by university bus:

The university administration transported 3,000 students from the capital to different districts by its own transport and BRTC hired buses. The students were delivered to different districts of 6 divisions of the country on 16, 17 and 19 July.

This year’s budget:

At the 65th Syndicate meeting held on 6th September, the main revenue (non-development) budget of Tk.
At the said syndicate meeting, the revised budget of Jagannath University for the financial year 2020-21 was Tk. Among the notable sectors, the budget of the research sector has been increased from Tk 2 crore in the last financial year (2020-21) to Tk 5 crore in the financial year 2021-22.

Six student suicides:

In just five months in 2021, six students of Jagannath University have committed suicide. Relatives and experts claim that they have committed suicide due to economic stress, love affairs, family quarrels and mental exhaustion. The latest admission from a house in Hatirjheel on December 22, a student of the university’s management department. Police recovered the hanging body of Mehebullah Tausik. His relatives have claimed that he has chosen the path of suicide due to mental depression.

Earlier on October 20, Sumaiya Mehzabin, a second-year student of the university’s land management and law department, committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope around her neck. The student committed suicide at his village home in Dangi village of Palashpol Madhumalla in Sadar upazila of Satkhira.

Earlier, on September 29, Amitosh Haldar, a final year student of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, reportedly committed suicide. Amitosh committed suicide at his village home Patikelbari Purbapara village in Sahapur union of Gopalganj Sadar upazila. Police and relatives have not been able to determine the cause of his suicide.

Chandan Percy, a former student of the university, committed suicide by jumping from the roof of a house in Baddar on the 13th of the same month. In the 2012-13 academic year, 6 students completed their undergraduate and postgraduate studies from the Department of Geography and Environment. Police officials believe that he committed suicide due to mental depression.
Earlier, on August 26, Akbar Hossain Khan died while undergoing treatment on September 1, four days after he was seriously injured after falling from the Akhtaruzzaman flyover in Chittagong city. Akbar was a student in the management department of the university for the 2017-18 academic year. His country home is in Moulvibazar, Sylhet. Police have not yet confirmed whether he was killed or committed suicide. His friends claim it was murder. Police are still investigating the incident.

Just a week before the incident, on August 22, police recovered the hanging body of a student named Mezbah-ul-Azim from a coaching center in Uttara. Azim was a student of the Department of Genetics Engineering in the 2016-17 academic year. His classmates thought he had committed suicide because of a love affair.

Also on May 20, Robin Haldar, a meritorious second-semester postgraduate student in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, died of leukemia. He died while undergoing treatment at Rajshahi Medical College. Al-Amin Lebu, a student of the 2016-17 session of the Bangla Department of Jagannath University (JU) died of fever on September 9. His village home is in Nandigram police station of Bogra district.

On 11 July, Rahat Ara Rimi, a student of the 2016-17 session of the Institute of Education and Research, Jagannath University, died suddenly of shortness of breath. He breathed his last at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Sabrina Akhter, a student of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of Jagannath University for the 2017-18 academic year, died in a road accident on December 16. He was killed when he was hit by a truck while crossing the road at Sonaimuri in Noakhali.

On July 8, Sayeda Nasreen Babli, an assistant professor in the history department at Jagannath University, died of dengue fever in the ICU of Dhaka’s Square Hospital.

Jabir’s new vice chancellor:

Last June 1, Dhaka University Professor of Botany. Md. Imdadul Haque has been appointed as the Vice Chancellor of Jagannath University (JU). He will fulfill this responsibility for the next four years.

Jabir field occupied by DSCC:

Last June, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) took initiative to build a market at the central playground of Jagannath University. The university authorities sent a letter to the DSCC on June 18. Later, when the university administration met with the city mayor, they were assured not to build any facility in the university playground. At that time the poles were removed from the playground. But at present the construction work of the market is going on in the whole field.

The university administration says that at first the city corporation promised not to build a market in the field but now the mayor is not talking.

Bunch admission test for the first time:

In a meeting of the committee comprising the vice-chancellors of the cluster universities on February 4, it was decided to take admission test in cluster system in 20 general and science and technology universities of the country. Following this, the admission test of Jagannath University was held on 16th October in the ‘A’ unit of the science department, on 24th October in the ‘B’ unit of the humanities department and on 1st November in the ‘C’ unit of the commerce department.

Complaints have been raised about each process of bunch admission test. There has been a lot of dissatisfaction with the increase in the application fee for admission test, selection of test center, wrong result in the test, not giving merit list of admission test and application with fee for choice of subject etc. Due to which, the success of organizing the group examination held for the first time is completely covered.

At first Jagannath University wanted higher marks on SSC HSC results in cluster admissions but later it was criticized. At present the admission process for the academic year 2020-21 is in progress.

Teachers do not follow the policy:

On July 3 last year, the university administration issued a notification informing the students to take classes online. The notification said that online class videos should be uploaded on YouTube and Facebook so that students can watch them at any time. Midterm or any test cannot be taken online. However, assignments can be taken online.

Practical classes will be given three weeks to start classes on campus, the announcement said. After that the final examination of two semesters will be held together. It was informed that the chairman of the concerned department will take action through the academic committee regarding the submission of thesis and internship of the students. At that time the then vice chancellor of the university. Mizanur Rahman said that students should be given marks according to their class performance instead of class attendance.

But according to the report of last December 26, many teachers are not following this policy. Although the students’ complaint policy does not have numbers in class performance and online class attendance, teachers are cutting numbers in this case.

Irregularities in Nomination for Prime Minister’s Gold Medal-2019:

At the end of the year, Jagannath University (JU) has been accused of violating the rules to nominate the preferred candidate for the Prime Minister’s Gold Medal-2019. Although the final result of all the faculties of the university is CGPA method, different rules have been followed in the selection of candidates for the arts faculty.

It is learned that since there are two students with the same CGPA in the Faculty of Arts, the sum of the marks of all the subjects has been taken without considering the final result of CGPA in this faculty. In this case also the deprived students are ahead, but again the candidate has been selected by adding the result in fractional system.

The deprived student appealed to the vice chancellor of the university on December 26. At his request, a committee was formed headed by the treasurer of the university.

According to committee sources,



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