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Judgment will be on the highway: Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said that there is no alternative to the movement if it wants to bring back democracy and release Khaleda Zia. He said there is no alternative to the movement, unity must be created, the decision will be on the highway.

He made the remarks at a discussion organized by the BNP at the Reporters’ Unity in the capital on Friday (December 31).

Referring to December 30 as ‘Black Day for Suffrage’, Mirza Fakhrul said that this special day was December 30 yesterday. Third year of elections. Why do we think this, because on this day, the electoral system of our country has been destroyed in a very well-planned manner. We have already seen that on election day votes are stolen, robbed, polling stations are occupied. But in this way, using the state apparatus, the results were stolen by stealing votes the night before, this is the first time we saw it in 2016.

He said it was not a sudden move to bring Bangladesh to this state politically. When Khaleda Zia incorporated the provisions of the caretaker government into the constitution, it was seen that Bangladesh was moving towards political stability. From then on this conspiracy started. Why a good election here? Why a good system? Why the opposition and the ruling party will take democracy forward through mutual understanding. Only then will the economy of Bangladesh become more prosperous through stability. Since then these papers have started.

The BNP secretary general said that Fakhruddin-Moin Uddin had a ‘minus two formula’ during the one-eleven government. Sheikh Hasina brought it to minus one by colluding with them. Depoliticization of Bangladesh means that there should be no politics here. I am watching his process till now. The bureaucrats have risen to the sky. Military bureaucracy has been introduced by completely removing politics.

“We want Khaleda Zia released,” he said. This is our number one word. Why, she is the only surviving leader in Bangladesh who has struggled on the streets for nine years to establish democracy. He did not become a minister or a prime minister. His confidence in democracy is so strong that he is hospitalized with a serious illness, doctors say, and has no choice but to take him out. But he is not bowing his head.

BNP Standing Committee members Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, Selima Rahman, Vice Chairman Barrister Shahjahan Omar Bir Uttam, Nitai Roy Chowdhury, General Secretary of Muktijoddha Dal Sadek Ahmed Khan, General Secretary of Swechchasebak Dal Abdul Qadir Bhuiyan also spoke in the discussion chaired by Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. Convener of the party Abul Kalam Azad, member secretary of the fishermen’s party Abdur Rahim and others.



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