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Law Minister has signed the Media Workers Act: Information Minister

Information Minister and Awami League joint general secretary. Hasan Mahmud said that the law minister has already signed the media workers law. Now it will go to the President. Once approved, it will be raised in the National Assembly. May be raised in the upcoming winter session.

He told reporters at the secretariat on Monday (January 3)

The Minister said that Padma Bridge is a dream bridge, that dream has already been realized. The Prime Minister along with her younger sister (Sheikh Rehana) drove across the Padma Bridge. Happily walked two kilometers there. Driving came from the other side, which means the Padma has become a bridge.

He added that there have been many conspiracies over the Padma Bridge. There have been many conspiracies at home and abroad. Khaleda Zia said, “The Awami League will never be able to build the Padma Bridge, even if it will be a bridge with patches.”

All the bridges in the world are paired. Since the Prime Minister has gone from one side of the Padma Bridge to the other, now I am waiting to hear what the BNP leaders have to say. I am waiting for the BNP leaders to drive on the Padma Bridge. Because, they have made many negative comments about this bridge.

The Information Minister said, “I hope those who turned their backs on this bridge from the World Bank will also come and see the Padma Bridge. I am waiting for that.” This is an example of how a country can build a bridge that overthrows international conspiracies. Those who stopped financing the Padma Bridge will surely be ashamed to see the Padma Bridge.

The Information Minister further said that if any dispute arises, it is settled by the Press Council. But under the existing Press Council Act, the powers of the Press Council are very limited. The Press Council does not have the power to impose fines. We have taken steps to amend the law so that the Press Council can impose fines. Power will also be increased. The draft law has been amended and sent to the cabinet.

He said the law minister has signed the media workers law. I have sent it to the President, if the President approves it, I will send it to the Parliament. Will be presented at the winter session this month. The parliamentary committee will give its opinion. This law is for everyone associated with the media. This law will be able to protect the media workers.



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