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Lawyers of Thakurgaon are going door to door with lawyers

Due to the protracted nature of the case, the candidates are swearing in the court of Thakurgaon day after day. On the other hand, being harassed, they have to pay extra for appearing on the next date. Lawyers say the situation is due to a shortage of judges.

Thakurgaon’s candidates are going door to door in the court premises after getting involved in more than 16,000 pending cases. Apart from the cases of six police stations in five upazilas of the district, the cases are being heard in 16 courts of the Chief Judicial Magistrate and District and Sessions Judge’s Court. But the two courts are supposed to have 18 judges but there are only 12. Judges in civil, criminal, bureaucratic and child trafficking cases and human trafficking cases have been waiting for a long time in a vacuum.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. And lawyers say such a situation has arisen due to the shortage of judges.

Imran Hossain Chowdhury, an advocate for the Thakurgaon District Bar Association, said people had to travel day after day because of the judicial crisis.

Entazul Haque, general secretary of the district lawyers’ association, said 18 people had to work with 12 people. It has been in limbo for a long time as judges are awaiting verdicts in cases of Dewari, criminal, Amali and women and children and human trafficking.
Prosecution lawyer Mizanur Rahman hopes that the case will be reduced soon if the vacant post of judge is filled.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate and the District and Sessions Judge’s Court are the reliance of justice on the 16 lakh people of the district.



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