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Less than a year later, Lukaku wants to return to Inter Milan

Less than a year after coming to Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku joined the English club from Inter Milan in early August this year. Now he wants to return to his former club Inter Milan.

Lukaku is not satisfied with Chelsea’s coach Thomas Tuchel’s approach. After coming to Chelsea, he has scored 6 goals in 18 matches. But Lukaku’s performance in Inter was jealous. He wants to return to Inter due to lack of performance due to differences in methods. “I am fine,” Lukaku told Sky Sports Italy. But I am not satisfied with this situation at Chelsea. Tukhel is trying to play the team in a different way. Now I have only one option, to give up and continue as a player. ‘

Lukaku added, “I should not have left Inter in any way. I’m sorry for the supporters. It was not the right time. I hope from the bottom of my heart I will be able to play there again. I sincerely want to get back there and not do that towards the end of my career. I want to go to Inter Milan when I am in good form. ‘

On 12 August, Lukaku signed a deal with Chelsea for 115 million euros, breaking that record. Coming to Chelsea, he said: “I came here as a child. I came to learn a lot. I came back, now I have a lot of experience and maturity. ‘

Lukaku came to Chelsea’s courtyard almost a decade ago. Coming to Chelsea from Anderlecht, he didn’t get a chance to play too many matches. Went to West Brom and Everton to play on loan. He later signed a permanent contract with Everton. When Lukaku came to Chelsea in the second term, he was at the peak of his form. He scored 24 goals in 34 appearances for Inter Milan to win the league title last season.

Arriving at Chelsea, Lukaku surpassed the total transfer price of Neymar Jr.’s football career. Throughout his career, Neymar has spent 310 million euros on a change of team. Coming to Chelsea cost Lukako a total of 326 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo has spent 230 million euros since leaving Sporting Lisbon.

Lukaku did not make the slightest mistake in giving the gift of fast football to increase the number of goals after returning from injury. The Belgian forward’s goal in the added time of the match ensured Chelsea’s third win in the league. In this victory, Blura is in the table with 10 points in four matches.

Romelu Lukaku signed a deal with Chelsea last month for 115 million euros, breaking the team-changing record. The Belgian striker, who signed for Chelsea from Inter Milan, spent one night at Stamford Bridge fulfilling his dream. “I’ve been dreaming of scoring goals here since I was 11,” Lukaku said after the match. I worked hard for this moment. Very happy to win.

On the other hand, PSG has scored a goal in the French League One without Messi-Neymar. The newcomer Klehmor did not seem to find it in front of Pachettino’s disciples. The Parisians went ahead in the 20th minute of the match in Paris. Spanish midfielder Herrera wrapped the ball in the net with a great header.



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