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Looking back 2021: The picture of rape throughout the year was alarming

ce. The incidence of torture at the hands of the husband is as high as ever. And the number of harassment through social media has also increased.

At the end of this year, on December 22, an organized gang picked up a 25-year-old female tourist from Laboni Point on Cox’s Bazar beach. It is alleged that they raped the woman’s husband and children several times and threatened to kill her. At the same time, a lama from Bandarban was accused of raping a 6-month-pregnant woman while holding her two children. And sexual violence is more common on public transport throughout the year.

The image of rape throughout the year was alarming:

Compared to the last few years, in the current year, i.e. in 2021, there have been many incidents of rape on public transport, roads, organized rapes and rapes in the country.

A housewife has been accused of gang-raping a moving bus while playing loud songs at the port of Narayanganj. The incident took place on the night of December 19 near Madanpur bus stand on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Police have arrested three people including the accused driver and helper in the incident.

On November 21 this year, a student was accused of publicly threatening to rape him for half-fare on a bus in the capital. The complainant is a second year student of Badrunnesa College. The student alleged that the driver of the car had threatened to rape her while she was getting off the bus as she had paid half fare for the bus of Address Express Limited. However, as the bus left quickly, the student could not find out the name of the intimidator or write down the number of the vehicle. Students of Badrunnessa College staged a protest on Sunday. Later, with a 24-hour ultimatum, they suspended the movement.

Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque’s feminism has been under discussion since April 2021. He was staying with a woman at the Royal Resort in Sonargaon, Narayanganj on April 3. At that time local Awami League leaders and activists surrounded Mamunul Haque. Later the police arrested them and took them to the police station. Later on April 30, the woman filed a case against Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque at Narayanganj’s Sonargaon police station for allegedly raping her for two years. Whom Mamunul Haque claimed was his second wife.

The police were not left out in this case. Meanwhile, on the night of December 6, a police SI was accused of raping a mother in front of a child in a hotel in Bagerhat. He was later arrested in the incident.

There were 1,626 incidents of rape in the country in 2020. 53 people were killed after the rape. In the first 11 months of this year, there were 1,248 incidents of rape and 48 murders after rape. In addition, there have been 41 cases of domestic violence and 196 cases of sexual harassment. This information was obtained from the Law and Arbitration Center.

According to the data provided by the Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association, there have been 1,172 incidents of rape in the country in the first 10 months of this year. Of these, 955 were rapes, 220 were gang rapes and 259 were attempted rapes. In other words, there are about four incidents of rape in a day. At the same time, about 64% of women in the country have been sexually harassed on the roads, in vehicles, in educational institutions, in the workplace and even at home.

According to the National Girl Child Advocacy Forum, 613 girls were raped in the eight months from January to August this year. Besides, 146 girls have been abducted and trafficked. Child marriage has increased by 10 percent.

Child marriage discussed this year:

The issue of child marriage has been under discussion since September this year. Child marriage in Satkhira in Corona has increased at an alarming rate. Due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time, the parents secretly married the girls. According to the relevant sources, 116 schoolgirls were victimized in two schools of the district during this period.

Parents are being forced to marry girls before the age of 18 for fear of eve-teasing, kidnapping and acid throwing in the area, citing various excuses including poverty. This is what the social workers think.

According to media reports, the maximum age of child marriage victims is 18 years. Most of them are 18 years or under. Many are falling victim to child marriage while still in sixth grade and seventh grade.

Citing a survey by the non-governmental organization NCTF, he said there were six child marriages in the union in 2020. On the other hand, from January to August this year, there were 6 child marriages. The number of child marriages is several times more than just September.

According to a study by BRAC, a non-governmental development organization, child marriages have increased by 13 per cent in the country due to corona. In the last 25 years, which is the highest in Bangladesh

This year, a total of 97 students from Bagatipara Mahila Madrasa in Natore were scheduled to take part in the entrance examination. But no one who got married during their coronation time came to the examination center. Among them, the test tickets were delivered to the families of 15 people but they did not take the test.

Ibrahim Hossain, central secretary of Perabaria Dakhil Madrasa Kendra, said that since November 14, examinations have been held on two subjects in each group. However, even though 63 students appeared for the examination, not a single student of Bagatipara Women’s Madrasa took part in it.

The level of domestic violence was on the rise in 2021:

Domestic violence against women has risen at an alarming rate during Corona. The National Forum for the Prevention of Violence against Women (JNNPF), in collaboration with ActionAid Bangladesh, has claimed that the violence escalated due to a number of reasons, including men staying in extra rooms during coronation.

Violence against women has risen sharply due to declining incomes, lack of employment, limited judicial proceedings, lack of interest in cases, overcrowding, etc., the organization claims.

The husband has been accused of killing a pregnant housewife for not paying dowry in Kalia, Narail on September 3 this year. It is learned that after Dipali’s marriage in Sadar, her husband brought Rakibul’s family from his father’s house and gave her a dowry of Tk 2 lakh. But the husband pressured the housewife for more dowry. As they did not agree, a family quarrel broke out between them. Relatives allege that Rakibul beat Dipali to death with a hammer during a quarrel between them on Thursday night.

A police constable named Abu Saeed has been accused of beating his wife and seriously injuring her in Kushtia on September 11 of the same month. The beaten housewife was undergoing treatment at Kushtia General Hospital.

It is learned that two years ago, she got married to Abu Saeed, son of Amjad Hossain of Hati Bhanga village in Damurhuda upazila of Chuadanga district. But even after fulfilling the demands, the housewife would be tortured for various dowry demands and minor reasons. Later, the husband beat and injured the housewife as she did not agree to pay the dowry again.

The JNNPF (Platform of 26 Human Rights Organizations) claims to have received 809 cases of domestic violence, 42 cases of rape, 239 cases of dowry and 112 cases of child marriage in 20 districts of the country from January to October this year. . Besides, a total of 1,379 complaints were registered during this period including 72 polygamous marriages, 63 divorces, 1 murder and 5 suicides, 132 marital quarrels and 94 other incidents. However, out of these 1,389 cases, 63 cases have been settled and 422 cases are pending.



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