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Mausi asked for online class information

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) has directed that information on multimedia and online classes running during the epidemic be confirmed in the MMC dashboard.

Mausi Director (Monitoring and Evaluation Wing) Prof. The information was given on Thursday (February 3) in an order signed by Amir Hossain.

The order said that according to the decision of the annual performance agreement meeting of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, in the current Covid-19 situation, there are instructions to complete the class activities of all secondary and higher education institutions (public and private) online.

Meanwhile, a circular has also been issued by the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education. As per the above mentioned instructions, the class activities have to be completed online and the information of the multimedia class taken online has to be properly entered in the dashboard.

The order further requested that the information of the classes taken by the teachers online by creating content using multimedia in addition to the multimedia classes be requested to be entered in the dashboard through the MMC app.

Meanwhile, due to the epidemic corona virus, the leave of the educational institution has been extended for two more weeks. Last Wednesday (February 2) the Minister of Education announced to increase the leave of the educational institution. Dipu Moni. According to the earlier announcement, all educational institutions were to remain closed till February 8.

According to the new decision, the educational institutions will be closed for two more weeks from February 8. The Ministry of Education said that even though the physical activities in the educational institutions have been stopped, the educational activities will continue on the virtual platform.

Earlier, Health Minister Zahid Malek announced that the educational institution would be closed for two weeks from January 21 as the situation in Corona was on the rise. According to the decision, all educational institutions will be closed from January 21 to February 8.



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