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Messi and Argentina’s ever-adorable title

The year 2021 is over. New Year standing at the door. Before saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year, let’s look back at the 2021 football field. Lionel Messi’s Copa Am জrica victory will undoubtedly come when the best events of this year in international football are revealed.

How did the year 2021 go in international football? Which event aroused the most response in your mind? If you are a supporter of Argentina and Messi, you may not be able to avoid the 48th edition of Copa. Through this, Messi’s ever-adorable international title has been cut, and Argentina’s title has been cut by drought for almost three decades. Messi’s side beat arch-rivals Brazil 1-0 in the final of Maracana. Where the only winning goal comes from the foot of Anchel de Maria. The last time Albiceleste camp won a trophy at the international level was in 1993.

After one defeat after another in the final, a smile finally appeared on Lionel Messi’s face. Messi’s repeated failures seemed to remind him of Robert Bruce, who had taken refuge in a cave after losing the war. Bruce was inspired to try to weave a spider’s web. Later, the Scottish King was able to defeat the English in eight attempts. Would it be wrong to call Lionel Messi Robert Bruce of Argentine football? He too may have succeeded after losing some finals.

The scene of the 2014 FIFA World Cup may still be a shell in Messi’s heart. Leo walks past the World Champion Trophy. The trophy of the best tournament in hand also looked unwanted, dull that day. This year, the Argentine star is standing on the Cooper stage, smiling with open heart, crying with emotion, there is also the tragedy. He lost to Chile in the 2015 Copa final. The curse was not released in 2016 either. Rather, it has been a story of greater pain. How many nights maybe the picture of Miss in the tiebreaker has floated in the memory, the mind has cried in the pig.

Leo announced his retirement after the defeat. However, he broke his retirement and returned to the possession of the masnad. Maracana is the place to fulfill that desire to win the Major Trophy. On the land of arch-rival Brazil. LMT was not seen in the final. Easy lost opportunities. Stumbled on the Brazilian D-box. But after waiting for so many years, destiny has finally given way. What a smooth ride on the trophy stage. He smiled, shouted, holding the trophy and jumping.

Sitting on the green carpet of Maracana, he shared one of the best moments of his life in a video call with his family in Rosario. Legend has it that the crown of the uncrowned emperor was thrown from the body forever. Lionel Andres Messi is now the king of football in Latin.



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