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Millions of rupees fraud in the name of watching advertisements

12 thousand rupees per day profit 300 investment, 6 thousand rupees 140 rupees. Just click on the ad. Such a tempting offer on a website called Reward Those interested in becoming members and agents are informed that this is an Indian site.

Attracted by the campaign, about 2,000 customers applied. In less than a month, the so-called disappearing company embezzled around Tk 2 crore 16 lakh. The information was given by the detective police after the arrest of three agents.

Rubel Hasan, Rozina Akhter and Mahim Ahmed Munna. Among them, Rubel Reward launched a website called and launched a campaign on Facebook. He said that this is an Indian website and he is the main agent of Bangladesh. Rozina Akhter and Munna took the agency from Rubel.

The Rewards Rupee website is basically an advertising agency. There are 2 investment packages in it. The price of a package is 12 thousand rupees. The other is 6 thousand. If you see 25 advertisements in the first package, 300 rupees will be credited to the customer’s account. If you see 12 advertisements in the second package, you will get 140 rupees.

One victim said that since I was unemployed, I wanted to be self-sufficient; For this I buy two packages for 12 thousand rupees. This app cheats me within 2-3 days of purchase.

Within a month of being attracted to such a tempting offer, the website became 1,600 subscribers through Bangladesh’s main ruble. After paying the customers for the first week, he went into hiding. He took away 1 crore 60 lakh rupees from the customers. Similarly, Rozina Akter embezzled Tk 33 lakh from 300 customers and Mahim Ahmed Munna embezzled Tk 22 lakh from 200 customers.

Muhammad Shariful Islam, deputy commissioner of DB’s cyber and special crime division, said that when a customer pays Rs 12,000 and Rs 6,000 and when he is given an opportunity to pay Rs 300 and Rs 140 in exchange for viewing the ad. The message goes to them that I have received 300 rupees but it is not possible for them to withdraw that money. The last thing they see is that the entire agent and entrepreneur embezzles the membership fee they pay.

According to an investigation by the DBR Cyber ​​and Special Crimes Department, the website was operated not from India but by the main accused Rubel Hasan.

Shariful Islam said they claimed it was an Indian website. But we have seen that they have created this website themselves.



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