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Modi’s silence incites ‘Muslim genocide’: Imran

Earlier, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had accused India of endangering minorities. This time, highlighting the incident in Haridwar, India, he complained that minorities in India are being targeted by extremists.

Imran wrote on Twitter that an extremist Hindu group has called for the annihilation of minorities in India, especially the 2 million Muslims. Even then the silent Modi government. The question is whether their silence supports the call for genocide. This is the best time for the international community to take appropriate action.

In another tweet, Imran wrote that the BJP-led government in India has targeted minorities. This extremism is now provocative in the real sense of disrupting regional peace.

Last month, Pakistan’s foreign office summoned an Indian official and expressed concern over Haridwar’s hate speech. It is reported that the civil society is very worried about that hate speech.

A closed door religious meeting was organized at Haridwar from 16th to 19th December. The main organizer was the controversial religious leader Yati Narasimhananda. Hindu Raksha Sena’s Prabodhananda Giri, BJP’s Mahila Morcha leader Udita Tyagi and BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay were present at the controversial rally. In a viral clip, Prabodhananda Giri says, “Like Myanmar, we have the police, the army, the politicians and all the people of the Hindu community to take up arms.” We have to carry out cleaning campaign.

In another clip, Pooja Shakun Pandey says, “If you want to destroy them, kill them.” We want 100 warriors who will kill 2 million of them. A number of other religious leaders from the gathering made various provocative remarks against the minorities.

These hateful and hateful remarks caused a stir in India. EIR has been registered against 15 people. A five-member committee has been formed to investigate the incident.

In India, six senior lawyers of the apex court have filed a self-motivated case with the Supreme Court seeking the trial of the accused in the case. The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a public interest litigation over Haridwar’s hate speech.

Source: Indian Express.



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