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Monster-shaped asteroids are coming towards the earth!

A monstrous asteroid two and a half times the height of the Empire State Building is approaching the Earth at an impossible speed. When it comes very close to the Earth, the speed of the asteroid will be about 19 kilometers per second or 43 thousand 854 miles per hour.

The US space agency NASA said on Thursday (January 6th) that the asteroid could become dangerous to Earth due to its large size. And experts say there is another reason why the asteroid is becoming so dangerous to civilization, not just its size.

The asteroid has come a little closer to Earth. The orbits of asteroids are usually not detected in advance. Again, the path of the asteroid also changes frequently. So if you come very close to a planet, there is a danger that the asteroids will be hit by the force of the strong gravitational ball of that planet.

Scientists believe that dinosaurs became extinct after such an asteroid struck.

NASA says the asteroid, which is about two and a half times higher than the height of the Empire State Building in the United States, will come very close to Earth at a distance of one kilometer or 3,260 feet earlier this week. The name of the asteroid is ‘(7472) 1994 PC-1’.

The actual address of the asteroids is not coming from the asteroid belt (‘asteroid belt’) between the planets Mars and Jupiter. The giant asteroid is coming from a region very close to Earth. This asteroid is therefore classified as ‘Near-Earth Objects (NEO)’.

NASA has so far come to know about 27,000 such NEOs. Of these, at least 1,000 asteroids have been identified by Earth as “dangerous today or tomorrow.”

The giant eclipse was first discovered in 1994 by astronomer Robert McNaught while observing the sky at the Siding Springs Observatory in Australia. 20 years before that, in 1974, this monstrous asteroid came close to the earth. However, 69 years ago, on January 17, 1933, this asteroid came very close.

According to NASA, the asteroid will come very close to Earth again after 63 years. January 17, 2105

Even though the asteroid’s orbit is still very close to what it is, there may not be much danger to the Earth this time. Because, if the current orbit is right, when the asteroid comes very close, its distance from the earth will be 5 times the distance of the moon.



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