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Murder of wife: Kidnapping husband arrested for plotting abduction

Police have arrested Rethoyainu Marma, the husband who staged a kidnapping after his wife was hacked to death in Bandarban. He was arrested on Friday (January 8) morning from Thangjama Para area of ​​Rajbila union in Sadar upazila.

According to police and locals, after his wife, Singmanu Marma, was hacked to death, he was abducted by terrorists and fled the scene.

On hearing the news, Rethoyainu, a resident of the neighborhood, went to Marmar’s house and saw his wife lying on the floor covered in blood. The police came and recovered the body and took it for autopsy. The issue of terrorist attack and kidnapping of husband at night seemed mysterious to the locals. Apart from this, the residents of the neighborhood did not see any sign of the arrival of the terrorists and the suspicion increased when they told the news of their abduction by phone.
Then the people of the neighborhood started looking for her fugitive husband Rethoyainu Marma. At night, when they saw him on a hill in Thangjama Para of Rajbila Union, the locals surrounded the hill. Later on Friday (January 6) morning, the people of the area handed him over to the police.

During preliminary interrogation, he confessed to the police that he was involved in the murder. Shaisaching, a local ward member, said residents were suspicious as they did not see any signs of a terrorist attack. Why didn’t the terrorist actually know the people of the area. And if he had been kidnapped, he would not have been able to call. That is why suspicion is high.
In this regard, Bandarban District Superintendent of Police Jerin Akhter said that the husband has been arrested in connection with the murder of his wife. During preliminary interrogation, he confessed to being involved in the murder. However, it is being investigated why he was killed and whether anyone else was involved in it. The fact that he was abducted is not true.

It may be mentioned that on Thursday (January 8) late at night, the husband hacked his wife to death in Thangjama Para area of ​​Rajbila Union of Bandarban Sadar Upazila and fled after making a drama of abduction. Rethoyainu Marmar’s house is in Thangjama Para village of Rajbila union. Rethoyinu Marma and Singyanu Marma have a son. This is their second marriage. For a long time there was no worldly bond between them. This often led to quarrels between them.



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