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My condition is like that of a poor person: Shamim Osman

Narayanganj-4 MP Shamim Osman said, “Now my condition is like that of a poor person.” He says I am his, he says I am his.

He made the remarks at a press conference on Monday (January 10) in Narayanganj.

“As soon as the election came, the discussion about me started,” he said. I want to know why I will be the subject matter during the election.

He said that attempts are being made to harm the Awami League in various ways. Narayanganj boat dock, don’t try any other game here.

Shamim Osman said, we do not do politics to get any position.

Besides, Narayanganj-4 MP Shamim Osman has announced to work for the boat from today.

“I did not enter politics because of any party affiliation,” he told a news conference. I have come to do politics to demand justice for the murderers of the father of the nation. I have come to do politics with love for Bangabandhu. I am not against the boat, the boat symbol is a symbol bought with our blood. From today I got on the field as a boat.

Shamim Osman said that the day is coming, hard test will have to be given. Chhatra League did not bother. They came forward in bad times. Elections are not by intimidation. Elections are not held by blaming each other. All anger must be dealt with by giving up arrogance. Everyone has to go home. This base is a boat, this land belongs to Awami League. We will win.

He further said, from today I got on the field as a boat. When we wake up, others will fall asleep. Our blood is the blood of freedom fighters. Bangabandhu is our last address. I do not bow before anyone. I am the storm itself, this storm does not bow its head in front of anyone.

Shamim Osman added that his elder sister had spoken to him. Big brother Selim Osman has spoken to me. He said, do you remember one thing, I said which one. Said, before the death of my father, the hands of our three brothers on the upper (Sheikh Hasina). I said, remember.

Then the elder brother said, who owns this boat? I said Upper, this boat belongs to Bangabandhu. Said, leave the rest on the upper. He is our guardian.

Narayanganj City Corporation (Nasik) Awami League nominated mayoral candidate. Selina is choosing the Hyatt Ivy boat symbol. He has been elected Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation twice in a row. He also took part in the mayoral election for the third time.



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