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Mysterious death of a young man in Goalanda

Police have recovered the body of a young man named Zakir Hossain Sheikh from Daulatdia in Goaland upazila of Rajbari on Thursday (January 26) morning. He is the son of Yusuf Sheikh of Shahdat Member Para of Ward No. 1 of Daulatdia Union.

According to local and family sources, Zakir used to work as a broker in truck crossing at Daulatdia Ghat. That is why he used to come home late at night or early in the morning. So no one can say when he came home on Wednesday night (January 26). Besides, his wife and children were not at home that day. On Thursday (January 26) morning, locals saw the door of Zakir’s house open. At that time they went inside and saw Zakir’s hand bent and lying on the floor. Her mouth is bleeding. Also the bed was random. And a scooter-driver fell down next to it.

Mahfuza Akhter, wife of the deceased, said that he used to return home late every night as he was involved in car crossing work at the wharf. I was afraid to stay home alone with my son at night. That’s why every night I would stay with my mother at my father’s house nearby. Zakir used to bring me back home after work. But he did not call me on the night of the incident.

Locals including Abu Dawood and Mama Rabiul Islam, the younger brother of the deceased, said that when they heard the screams, they saw Zakir lying on the floor of the house with his arms folded. At that time, the inside of his mouth and the right side of his forehead and the upper part of his right hand were seen bleeding. After informing the police, Goaland Ghat police came and recovered the body.

Meanwhile, locals and family members believe that Zakir was killed by unknown miscreants. His family demanded a proper investigation into the incident and punishment of those involved.
Rajbari Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration and Crime) said. Saladin said the body was recovered and sent to Rajbari Sadar Hospital morgue for autopsy. The exact cause of his death will be known after receiving the autopsy report. However, the police have started preliminary work to find out the exact cause of death.



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