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Nannur attacks Ashraful, BCB will take action

Former Bangladesh cricket captain and legendary cricketer Mohammad Ashraful has been publicly called a ‘traitor and fixer’ by the country’s cricket policy makers.

The Ashraful-Nannu issue is raising new tensions in the country’s cricket. Meanwhile, when asked about the matter, Jalal Yunus, head of the cricket operations department of the BCB, said that since Ashraful is still playing and is a former captain, it was not right to attack him directly. We have discussed the matter. Talks will also be held with the board president.

Jalal Yunus further said that necessary steps will be taken in consultation with Board President Nazmul Hasan Papon.

In a recent interview with a private television channel, Ashraful said that it would be better if the term of office of the members of the selection panel of the cricket team is 3 to 4 years. Because it is not possible to reap the benefits of cricket with a long-term selection panel.

“The talents of those on the selection panel are benefiting but we will get them in 3-4 years,” he said. But if the same person continues to do the same thing for 11 years, we will be stuck in one place. The term of the selection panel should therefore be 3-4 years.

Asked about this to Nannu, he called Ashraful a ‘traitor and fixer’ in a live program on the same television. He said no good advice could be expected from players who were suspended for match-fixing for being traitors.

“Ashraful probably has no idea how long Cricket Australia’s chief selector has been in charge,” Nannu said. He has worked continuously for about 9 to 12 years. Is Australia far behind? Ashraful is just saying that the selectors will be there from the World Cup to the World Cup. So will Bangladesh only play T20 World Cup or will they play 50 overs World Cup? Or play Test cricket? So will there be separate selectors for T20, ODI and Test? No good advice can be expected from a cricketer who is suspended for match-fixing for being a traitor. ‘

On the same subject, Ashraful came on his Facebook Live on Sunday (January 2) and said, “If a person stays in a post for a long time, his talent will be stuck in one place. I did not mention anyone’s name. However, the way he called me a ‘traitor’ in front of everyone is very sad. Let me know if I say anything bad. I just said what I think is to get the team in good shape. I did not name anyone. ”

Meanwhile, Nannu also spoke about Ashraful’s contribution. In response, Ashraful said live, “You know what I don’t want to say about my position in Bangladesh cricket. And how many people admit that I made a mistake? What I have done is past. I have started all over again. But why bring up the past. I try to be as good as I can while I’m playing. ”

Ashraful, who was considered one of the best cricketers in the history of Bangladesh at that time, was banned in 2013 for spot-fixing. Ashraful did not return to the national team after the ban was lifted, but Ashraful regularly plays domestic cricket.



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