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Negative trend in indicators and transactions

The country’s main capital market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and the other capital market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) prices fell. At the same time, the volume of transactions has decreased in both the markets.

On Wednesday (January 26), the main index of DSE DSEX decreased by 13 points compared to the previous day and stood at 6,032 points at the end of the day. The DSE-30 index comprising selected institutions is down 1 point at 2,612 points. And the DSE Shariah Index stood at 1,504 points, down 57 points from the previous day.

A total of 1,115 crore 8 lakh rupees has been traded on the DSE. On Tuesday (January 25), the previous day’s transaction was 1 thousand 116 crore 42 lakh. As a result, the transaction has decreased by 1 crore 74 lakh rupees.

Shares and units of 156 companies rose on the DSE, while those of 156 fell and six remained unchanged.

Despite the negative trend of the index on Wednesday, the share and unit prices of most companies rose at the beginning of the working day. This increases the index for some time. But at the end of the working day the price goes down. As a result, the day’s trading ends with the index and the negative trend of the transaction.

Leading companies on the DSE are RAK Ceramics, Orion Pharma, Asia Insurance, GPH Steel, Agni Systems, Power Grid and Sonali Paper.

Meanwhile, in the country’s other capital market CSE, the overall price index CASPI has decreased by 36 points. The transaction has been 26 crore 74 lakh rupees. Of the 309 companies that participated in the transaction, 140 rose, 133 declined and 36 remained unchanged.



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