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New Zealand-Italy lifted restrictions for corona

New Zealand is opening its border after being closed for almost two years due to the Corona epidemic. On Thursday, the country’s prime minister announced a phased relaxation of corona restrictions. Italy, meanwhile, is easing restrictions on vaccinators. However, due to the closure of the Japanese border due to Corona, the citizens of different countries are in trouble.

Many countries around the world have decided to ease restrictions on the corona. New Zealand is also on the list. The country has kept the border tightly closed since the outbreak of the corona. The country has finally decided to open the border after almost two years. On Thursday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the gradual relaxation of restrictions.

He said New Zealanders stranded in Australia who had been vaccinated against corona would be able to return home on February 28. And vaccinated citizens residing in other countries of the world will be able to come from March 13. We need to try to get back to normal. But now I am not completely moving away from strictures.

New Zealanders stranded in various countries have expressed relief at the decision to open the border. However, after entering the country, the Jacinda government has instructed to stay in quarantine.

Meanwhile, Italy has announced that it has relaxed the Corona ban on vaccines. The country’s health minister said the validity of the vaccine certificate for booster dose recipients would be extended indefinitely.

Although Italy and New Zealand eased restrictions, officials, researchers and students from various countries have suffered because of the border closure in Japan. They are unable to enter the country due to strict restrictions. Students have gathered in the diplomatic area to protest.



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