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No bilateral talks with US in Vienna: Iran

Iran will not hold any bilateral meeting with US envoys on the nuclear deal in Vienna. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh made the remarks at a news conference on Monday (November 29th).

An EU official presiding over Iran’s nuclear talks said he had met on Sunday with Chinese, Russian and Iranian negotiators. He is scheduled to hold meetings with European and US representatives before formal talks begin.

The seventh round of talks between the two sides is scheduled to take place in Vienna. In a Twitter post, Eric Mora, deputy secretary general of the European Foreign Service, said extensive preparations were under way.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has expressed frustration that the United States may be preparing to lift sanctions on Iran.

He made the remarks on Sunday (November 26th) ahead of talks in Vienna on restoring Iran’s nuclear deal with six world powers.

The Israeli prime minister said Israel was “deeply concerned” about the United States’ willingness to lift sanctions. This will create billions of dollars in the country in exchange for inadequate sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program.

“This is the message we want to send to other countries, including the United States, in every case,” he said.

After a long five-month shutdown, talks between Iran and the United States, with the participation of France, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and Germany, are set to begin in Vienna on Monday.

Occupying Israel strongly opposes a nuclear deal with Iran. Israel does not want the United States to return to the agreement under President Joe Biden’s administration.

Naftali Bennett met with Joe Biden at the White House last August. They then discussed Iran. The US president told the Israeli prime minister that if diplomatic talks on Iran’s nuclear deal failed, the United States would consider other options.

But he did not give any details about the alternative plan. “The Americans are telling us one thing,” said one senior Israeli diplomat. Within hours, they were protesting.

He says the United States does not want Iran to succeed in a nuclear test. They now want to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment. We agree with them. But it can also be done differently.

The diplomat claims that from the experience of 2015, we can say that lifting sanctions on Iran will allow money to flow into the country. This will make them stronger in the Middle East and will be able to move forward with the nuclear program.



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