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No matter how much came, the election remained

Election of Narayanganj City Corporation. However, the rumors of this election have spread around. Fighting over words, counter-fighting on television screens, newspaper pages, online portals and public cups of tea are everywhere. These are also discussed daily in talk shows on television.

I remember some people then. Who were with us. He was a regular guest of various discussions or analysis of news. Khandaker Muniruzzaman – Acting Editor of Sangbad. He passed away on November 24, 2020 during Corona’s tenure. He was very good at any political discussion or electoral analysis. When Munir’s brother spoke of combining decades of journalistic experience with direct left-wing politics, it seemed as if everything was coming from within. He did not give any concessions during the analysis. However, he was uncompromising in favor of the liberation war. This uncompromisingness is not only due to the fact that he himself was a freedom fighter, behind it is the immense love of the people of every country. Amiya love.

Is it possible to tell in this short range all the stories of how much experience you had before and after the show when you came to the talk show? At least not for a novice writer like me. When other guests were talking on the show, Munir’s brother would listen quietly like a meditating sage. He used to say it with a very slow and sharp argument. How long have I been in his office in the news office to listen to him? I could sit in front of him as long as I wanted. Never bothered so much. Behind the raw ripe mustache always hung a sweet smile. I started with the election context.

As I write this, the Narayanganj City Corporation election is two days later. There will be a temporary studio in Narayanganj during the election – as is the case in every election. From there we will analyze the election. There will be special discussion programs. That’s why we need guests or analysts. With the old list of analysts in hand, I see that there are not many. It is as if the storehouse of our knowledge is becoming empty day by day. Wise people are all going to the other side. Everyone has to go where.

At this point I remember the words of another wise man. AHM Moazzem Hossain. Was the editor of the Financial Express. He passed away one evening in August 2016. Dikpal Moazzem Hossain, an economics journalist in Bangladesh, was also a banker. After graduating from university, Moazzem Hossain started his career at Habib Bank in Karachi, then West Pakistan, in 1967. He also had experience working in the research department of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB) from 1995 to 2001. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha from 1996 to 2000. He was the founding president of the Economic Reporters Forum (ERF) in 1992. Moazzem Hossain is a leading journalist in the country’s economic report.

Moazzem Hossain was the director of the state-owned Janata Bank for two consecutive terms. He was also the director of Securities Trading Company Limited, Bay Leasing and Investment and Southeast Bank, a company owned by Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB).

Any discussion on economics or budget discussion would have seemed incomplete without Moazzem Bhai. Only those who have seen him closely can tell what kind of humble man he was.

I remember Riaz Bhai’s words. Journalist Riazuddin Ahmed left just a few days ago. December 25 of the year. Riaz Uddin Ahmed was born in 1945 in the village of Narandi in Manohardi upazila of Narsingdi. He passed MA in Economics from Dhaka University in 1986 and LLB in 1982.

After teaching for a while, he joined the Pakistan Observer in 1966. In 1970, he was elected a member of the executive council of the then East Pakistan Journalists Union. He left the Pakistan Observer on March 25, 1971 and joined the war of liberation. After independence he joined the Observer again. He worked there until November 1990. Riaz Uddin Ahmed was awarded the Ekushey Padak in 1993 for his glorious contribution to journalism. On December 21, he was nominated as a member of the Bangladesh Press Council.

In his long career as a journalist, Riaz Uddin Ahmed was the founder and editor of The Financial Express and The News Today, the editor of The Financial Herald. He was also elected president of the National Press Club four times. He has also served as the Secretary of the Undivided Dhaka Journalists Union and the President of the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists. Riaz Uddin Ahmed was the chairman of the South Asia Journalists Coordinating Council, a federation of journalists from SAARC countries, and the president of the South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA). Riaz Uddin Ahmed was active in student politics. He is also a regular face of television talk.
How many geniuses have been deprived of this coronal period. I miss you very much. I always remember. You will live in the glory of your work.

Munir’s brother, Moazzem’s brother, Riaz’s brother – you will know the respect of a young media worker. Stay well on the other side. I hope you are well.

Author: Media worker.



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