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One of the milestones in Internet history

The Internet, on which the world is based. In the present age, not a single moment can be imagined without the internet. Around 4.56 billion people worldwide use the Internet. The Internet has become a major hub for education, communication, banking, and entertainment. However, many people do not know the history behind the advent of the current high speed internet.

The Internet is an acronym for Interconnected Network. The Internet is the Internet, which is a network of networks spread across the globe.

Leonard Kleinrock sent a message from the University of California, Los Angeles to the Stanford Research Institute in 1950, which was the first information sent on the Internet. In addition, although the initial reason for the invention was military, later the Internet was used as an alternative to the telephone in order to protect the means of communication from destruction. Then, in 1989, the US Defense Department began using it to protect their confidential communications worldwide. The Pentagon then used four computers to exchange information as an alternative to the telephone. This contact was named ‘Darpanet’. Less than three years later, the name was changed to Arpanet. The number of computers has increased from 4 to 33.

In 1960, Raymond Samuel, a programmer from the United States, developed an e-mail system. In the following year, an e-mail system suitable for Arpate was developed. The use of the @ sign in mail addresses began in 1972. After 1980, a number of networks were launched, of which Bitnet gained more popularity. More than a thousand organizations from around half a hundred countries were connected to this network.

Meanwhile, software engineer Tim Burns Lee thinks of a new computer program. Which will work like a brain. Then he created a new software. Which is called hypertext. He then invented the HTML system. Which is known as HyperText Transfer Protocol.

With the TCP / IP address discovered by Vint Surf and Robert Kern, any type of communication on the Internet would be managed over HTTP or FTP. Large numbers of IP addresses can be used to access various files on the server. But since these numbers are difficult to remember, a new method is used, called Domain Name System (DNS). The domain name system is an alpha numeric (with character and number) address of the IP address. .Com for commercial organizations, .org for non-commercial public interest organizations, .gov for government organizations, for international organizations. int These domains are turned on.

In 1974, the National Science Foundation of the United States introduced another form of public communication called NSFNET. At that time it was only a means of exchanging information for research work. Within three years it had spread all over the world. Then for the first time the Internet gained the ability to attract commercial investors. The Internet of Things took an international form in 1986. Then in 1979, Swedish scientist Tim Bernal Lee discovered the World Wide Web (WWW). This has made it possible to exchange information faster through the Internet.

The versatility of the Internet began in the 1990’s. E-mail, video calls, instant messaging, voice over internet protocol phone calls, social networking, online buying and selling, business trade web sites are launched. Internet systems have been introduced throughout Europe since 1992. In April 1993, the Windows operating system launched its first web browser, Mosaic.

In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, which ushered in a new world of e-commerce. Internet was introduced in Bangladesh in 1997. The first Google office was launched in 1997. Wikipedia was created in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Which is the largest encyclopedia in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in December 2004. A landmark change in social media comes with the hand of Facebook. Then the current era after entering the era of smart-phones. Imagine a day without internet nowadays?



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