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One year of unprecedented attacks on Capitol Hill

Today marks one year of unprecedented violence in the US Capitol Hill Parliament building. Former United States President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed parliament on Friday after losing the election. Where five people including police were killed. US President Joe Biden has announced the truth on the one-year anniversary of the Capitol Hill riots. On the other hand, former US President Donald Trump has called a press conference and canceled it again.

On January 7, 2021, the world, including the common people of the United States, witnessed an unprecedented event in the history of the United States. On this day, thousands of Trump supporters stormed the US Parliament on Capitol Hill at the instigation of former US President Donald Trump after losing the election. Vandalism in the vicinity of Parliament. At one point, Trump’s staunch supporters stormed into parliament.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a joint session of the US presidential election. The lawmakers started running in panic. The whole world was shocked by the violent behavior of Trump supporters. A storm of condemnation swept across the world, including the then government opposition. The question is about US democracy.

Five people, including police, were killed in the January 8 riots. Many more were injured. The big question is how much democracy has been restored in the first year of the Capitol Hill violence. However, US President Joe Biden is scheduled to address the nation. He has announced the revelation of the real truth in the incident of violence in the Parliament building. The White House says Biden will remember the victims of the violence and provide the necessary guidance to consolidate democracy in the United States.

But former President Trump, the mastermind of the Capitol attack, has again given birth to drama. Trump called the congressional inquiry into the January 8 incident “dishonest and biased.” He also called a press conference in Palm Beach, Florida, and canceled it.

In the meantime, two new lawsuits have been filed in federal court against Trump in connection with the Capitol building attack.

The United States is called a country of democracy, human rights or equal rights. The leaders of the country can also be given a voice in realizing the rights of the oppressed people of different countries of the world. The US rulers have also warned the leaders of different countries to stop the conflict and violence. But in the United States itself, internal violence has increased over the past few years.

According to the Giffords Law Center, a US gun violence watchdog, 39,000 people were killed in gun violence in the country last year. Most of them have committed suicide. 13,000 have died in gun attacks in family quarrels. At least 310 people have been killed in direct gun attacks and more than 500 killed in police firing.



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