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Ovarian cancer: By 2040, 60 percent of patients are expected to increase in the country

Ovarian cancer By 2040, 60 percent of patients are expected to increase in the country

Experts fear that the number of ovarian cancer patients in Bangladesh will go to a dangerous level. In this situation, the stakeholders do not see any option to increase awareness.

Preliminary data from the Every Woman Study: Low- and Middle-Income Edition, a survey of ovarian cancer patient experiences ahead of World Gynecologic Oncology Day, suggests that.

Prime Minister’s personal physician Dr. participated in the important panel discussion on Tuesday (September 19). Abdullah, World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Program and Every Woman Study Head Frances Reid, Oncology Club International Affairs Editor Dr. Mustafa Aziz Sumon and Bangladesh’s head professor of Women’s Studies. Shahana Parveen.

Preliminary data from the study suggests that by 2040, the number of ovarian cancer patients in Bangladesh may increase by about 60 percent.

Participating in the discussion, the head of research, Frances Reid, said, “The collection of research data is still ongoing. But we know, the data we are collecting has the potential to improve the situation for women in the country. This information will increase the knowledge of patients in Bangladesh and help doctors to improve policy and treatment.

Bangladesh’s native head professor of Every Woman Study. “We need data to change, not just cancer registries, but the reality of women and how and when they come to us and the barriers that stand in their way,” says Shahana Parveen.

Professor Dr. does not see the alternative of awareness in changing the situation. Abdullah He said, ‘Raising awareness is the most important thing in the fight against cancer. Achieving this requires specific research and well-thought-out strategies. I am hopeful that this ‘Every Woman Study’ of ovarian cancer will be a success.’

Discussants who participated in the panel discussion.

Chaired by CancerBD.net Founder Chairperson Rafe Sadnan Adel and World Ovarian Cancer Coalition CEO Clara McKay, the guests discussed the most lethal gynecological cancer, for which there is no screening test. Also, women’s health issues and other important issues are discussed.

Rafe Sadnan Adel, co-chair of the discussion and member of the research oversight committee, said, “The research results will help us to advocate for cancer prevention and treatment.” Funds will be raised for new research and expanded patient support and will help strengthen our awareness raising campaign.’

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition, in collaboration with the International Gynecologic Cancer Society, collected data from more than 24 low- and middle-income countries on the experiences of women currently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The results of the Every Woman Study: Low- and Middle-Income Edition will be published in 2024, and a report focusing on Bangladesh will be published.

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