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Piranha-African Magur is available in the market, as you know it

Due to its monstrous nature, the government of Bangladesh, like many other countries, has banned the production, marketing and sale of piranha and African catfish in Bangladesh. Piranha fish farming, production, fry production, breeding, market selling and purchase from the market have been officially banned since February 2006.

And since June 2014, the import, production and marketing of African Magur has been banned.

The reason for this ban is that as a result of the cultivation of these two species of fish, the native species of fish may become extinct. In any case, if these fish move from ponds or blocked water bodies to two rivers or open water bodies, it could be a catastrophe for the fishery resources of Bangladesh.
Yahya Mahmud, director general of Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, told the media that Bangladesh is a flood prone country. Now if you are cultivating piranha fish or African catfish in the pond or gheur. And if that fish floats in the water and moves from the confined space to open water bodies like rivers, canals and beels. Then all the native small and big fish may become extinct due to their attack.
He feared that if the production, marketing, sale and conservation of piranha and African catfish could not be stopped permanently, most of the 270 species of freshwater fish and 465 species of marine fish in Bangladesh would become extinct.
But in Bangladesh these fish are still seen being produced openly and sold in the open market. Most of the time it is sold as Thai Rupchanda or Samudrik Chanda. It is seen to be sold as small size African catfish, native catfish.

How to recognize a piranha:
** Piranha fish look a lot like Rupchanda fish. However, its body color is slightly reddish and gray.
** The main feature of this fish is its small strong jaw. Its trident-like teeth are so sharp on both sides that it can tear the victim’s body apart in an instant.
** Sharp teeth of piranha fish can be seen.

** Piranha fish have kanko. Roopchanda fish kanko is mixed.
** Piranha fish have another small fins or adipose fins near the tail. Rupachanda fish has no such fins.
** Skin color is slightly reddish and gray. Does not remain shiny like Rupchanda.
** Piranha is a freshwater fish. Rupachanda marine fish.
** The nature of the live piranha fish is monstrous in nature. Rupchanda is a lot of innocent fish.
How to recognize African catfish:
** African catfish looks a lot like native catfish but is much larger in size. Being omnivorous, this fish grows very fast. A mature African catfish can grow up to 4 feet long. Weight can be like 15/16 kg.
** The African catfish, which is mostly farmed in dirty water, may have black spots on it. Which is not in the native Magur.
** Notice that the African catfish is slightly gray in color and has a grayish white color on the abdomen. But the native catfish is black and the belly is yellow.
** The head of the African Magur is not as pointed as that of the native Magur.
** African Magur has large head and abdomen and wide jaw. This is not the case with native catfish.
Source: BBC Bangla



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