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Places in Dhaka where you can learn to swim in a good environment

Swimming is a great way to keep the blood flowing throughout the body and the heart functioning smoothly. One hour of swimming helps the body burn calories without any negative effects on the bones and joints. In many cases it can even help reduce pain or speed up physical recovery.

Therefore, experts say that people who are physically challenged or injured for a long time should choose swimming for exercise. Swimming is also very effective in reducing anxiety and gaining peace of mind. So let’s find out, where in Dhaka you can learn to swim in a good environment.

Swimming training centers in Dhaka

Dhaka University Swimming Pool
To learn to swim in the swimming pool of Dhaka University, 16 classes can be done for 45 minutes with 2,010 rupees. If you want to practice in the second month, you have to pay one thousand rupees for the renewal fee. Students here can take classes twice a week for 100 rupees. University teachers can take a swimming pool member with 260 rupees. In the afternoon shift, the fee for swimming pool members is Tk 6,000 for six months and Tk 12,000 for one year.

Admission is from the age of seven, but the trainee must be at least four feet tall. Weekly closing of the swimming pool on Thursday.

Syed Nazrul Islam National Swimming Complex, Mirpur

You can swim for an hour in this swimming pool. The age of admission here is at least eight years. The swimming pool is open every day except Sunday and Monday. Admission fee can be admitted in swimming training any day of the month with three thousand rupees. The duration of training is thirty days where classes will be five days per week. From the second month you have to pay two and a half thousand rupees. Besides, if you want to swim one day, 250 rupees for one hour. There are separate swimming learning facilities for men and women. A guardian can enter the swimming pool with trainees under the age of ten.

Bangabandhu National Stadium Swimming Pool

This swimming pool is for boys only. Trainees are admitted here from the age of seven. Admission fee in the first month is two and a half thousand and from the second month two thousand rupees. The 30-day course can be started on any day of the month. Classes one hour five days a week. Weekly closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Monday afternoons. Only those who know how to swim are charged Rs. 200 per hour for one day swimming practice.

A total of 16 swimming classes were conducted in the swimming pool of the health club at Pan Pacific Sonargaon for four days from Friday to Monday. One month training fee for 15 year olds and above is 15 thousand rupees. 12 thousand for children under 12 years. If more than one member of the same family is admitted, there is a discount of two thousand rupees.

Children can learn to swim from 9am to 10am on Fridays to Saturdays and from 3pm to 4pm on Sundays and Mondays. For men, Friday to Monday from 8 to 9 p.m. For women, Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 10 am and on Sunday and Monday from 3 pm to 4 pm.

Once you become a member of the Health Club, the membership fee is 120,000 rupees for one year and 74,000 rupees for six months. All members are assigned to swim all year round. In addition, adults can swim for fifteen rupees a day and children for seven hundred rupees.

The last

Swimming competitions are organized by various organizations across the country to inspire swimmers to learn how to swim. Swimming is basically an important area of ​​the stadium. So it’s not just about keeping the body and mind fit; Swimming is an important tool to improve one’s and one’s country’s standards at national and international level through competition.



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