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Playing with milk can be a health risk!

The nutritional value of milk for the human body is no less. So milk is more or less eaten for protein in the morning or at night. But if any wrong food is eaten with milk then it may be opposite.

There are also some rules for eating. Many people have little idea about that. There are many foods that are more likely to harm the body if eaten with milk.

Many people eat oats, cornflakes or mutton with milk, some people eat different kinds of fruits like bananas, apples etc. But according to medicine, if any acidic fruit is eaten with milk, then the protein in the milk and the acid in the fruit can cause digestive problems in the stomach. Problems like stomach ache may also occur.

In that case, orange, lemon or any acidic fruit must be avoided. Again, many people think that eating milk and banana mixed together is nutritious for the body. But nutritionists have different views. According to them, playing banana and milk together causes digestive problems in the body. At the same time milk and pudding these two foods together can cause digestive problems.

Many people like to eat milkshake with different fruits. But if you regularly eat banana milkshake or smoothie, then there may be problems like sinus and cold-cough.

Moreover, eating pineapple, palm, green apple with milk is also harmful for the body. On the other hand, it is not right to eat salty food with milk. Otherwise, chemical reactions may occur in the body. On the other hand, milk should never be consumed after a heavy meal. It takes time to digest and the digestive process weakens and becomes acidity, causing problems like bloating.

Milk and pineapple also tend to cause vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and even stomach pain when eaten together. Pineapple contains bromelain and lactic acid, which can be mixed with milk to cause poisoning. However, milk and honey are good for the bones of the body. It strengthens bones and helps prevent corrosion. Not only this, it is also very good for the lungs. Drinking it can prevent respiratory problems. Milk-honey mixture is also an effective way to alleviate sore throat.

According to doctors, brucellosis is a bacterial disease. When this bacterium infects an animal, it stays in that animal’s body. If you take the meat or milk of that animal, it can also infect the human body.

According to experts, there is nothing to fear from dairy products. But those who eat cow’s milk and goat’s milk are more afraid. Brucella can also be transmitted to humans if they do not drink the milk of infected animals or when they come in contact with cattle or their meat.

Doctors say that anyone who has come in contact with cattle should be tested for fever for 5 to 7 days in a row. If brucellosis is caught, treatment should be taken as per the advice of the doctor. Long function test, urea and creatinine test should be done to diagnose this disease.



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