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Police have waged a great war in the horrors of Corona: IGP

Inspector General of Police (IGP) said. Benazir Ahmed said that in the early days of the spread of the coronavirus, when relatives were leaving their relatives in panic over the virus, the police in Bangladesh stood by the people, regardless of their lives. The IGP called it an epic war.

“Corona is an epic battle,” he said. During the ordeal, members of the police force served without concern for their own safety. In addition, at that time, 600 to 700 policemen were attacked daily. So far, 28,000 policemen have been affected by Corona. 108 policemen, including an SP, were killed. In this situation, the police have carried out a great war by ensuring the safety of the trucks carrying regular patrols to deliver food among the injured.

The IGP was speaking at the official unveiling ceremony of the government-sanctioned Corona Insignia on Thursday (December 30th) at the Bangladesh Police Auditorium in the capital’s Rajarbagh in recognition of the work of Bangladesh police personnel serving as life-threatening combatants in controlling Covid-19.

After the Corona Insignia was officially unveiled, the IGP gave Insignia to the Home Minister. The Home Minister later gave corona insignia to the IGP, Additional IG and police members one by one.

The IGP said the police hospital had conducted research on corona treatment with foreign hospitals. We first applied plasma therapy. Corona Medical Police Hospital doctors, nurses and health workers have all done superhuman work. It was not as easy as I said.

Regarding the issue of Corona Insignia, the Chief of Police said, “When the RAB freed the Sundarbans, the Hon’ble Home Minister told me as the then RAB chief, you have done such a great job, I want to do something for you.” He wanted to give us financial grants, he wanted to give us certificates. We then proposed to the Hon’ble Home Minister, give us an insignia, so that we may wear it with dignity. He later gave us insignia. Once again, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs have given us Corona Insignia for the unique general contribution of Bangladesh Police members in combating Corona.

Additional IG (F&L) SM Ruhul Amin gave welcome speech on the occasion. Additional IG (A&I) was also present. Md. Moinur Rahman Chowdhury, DMP Commissioner Moha. Police members including Shafiqul Islam, RAB Director General Chowdhury Abdullah-Al Mamun, Additional IG, heads of various units of Dhaka Police and senior police officers.



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